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  1. Millman

    SOLD!! Jesse 45L top box, QRDP and adapter. $250

    Hi, I’m selling my Jesse 45L top box and adpapter plates. This is off my 2014 Super Ten. It’s in excellent shape and Is frost grey. $250 plus shipping to the lower 48. Will take PayPal or cash app. Greg
  2. Millman

    Grease type for the rear wheel.

    Hi, what type of grease is to be used on the rear wheel gear? I saw something about moly grease being used. Is the Yamaha Moly grease the right type? We had the rear wheel off and thought we would clean the gear and grease it. Also at what point should I grease the splines on the drive...
  3. Millman

    Tenere with Shad cases

    Hi everyone. I remember a member posting a picture of their Tenere with shad cases. Can the owner repost for me? Thanks. Greg Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Millman

    Suspension costs.

    Hi all! Sent an email off to pro pilot suspension to see what the would recommend for 2 up riding for 2 people almost at 450 together. I have a 14 non-ES. They said they like the touratech extreme for their load capability over the OHLINS. Cost for the touratech and OHLINS front was almost 3k...
  5. Millman

    Is it me or the bike?

    Went for a Christopher Columbus ride today with 2 other guys from my group. One had a tiger 800xc and the other a GS1200. I had the bike in sport mode and was shifting as fast as I could but they were leaving me in the dust. Shift points were at around 4K. I know that chain bikes are faster...
  6. Millman

    Sena 10s speaker problem

    Has anyone with a Sena product experienced a problem with your unit than when you answer a phone call or connect your Garmin, the right speaker goes out? I have numerous times. I tried it at home with earbuds and the same thing. While listening to streaming music, I will get a phone call or get...
  7. Millman

    Klim colors

    Hi all. I have a badlands pro jacket in gray and am looking for the matching pants. Unfortunately I cannot find a pair of the pro pants in my size- 38tall. How different is the gray and black colors from the old badlands vs the new ones? I hear tha the new pants are much better fit and...
  8. Millman

    Sena warranty service

    Hi. Just wanted to tell you about my experience with Sena customer service. I have a 10s unit that has worked wonderfully. Recently my right speaker has started to crackle and fail. I found that in my Shoei Neotech the ear depressions are too deep for the speakers causing the wire to be...
  9. Millman

    Garmin Installation

    Hi, I'm installing the wiring harness for the garmin this weekend and saw some u-tube videos and they show the cable being connected directly to the battery? Normally I would thing you would want to connect it to the accessory wires so when you turn the key off, you turn power off to the...
  10. Millman

    California road trip

    I'm thinking of taking an epic road trip. Rochester, NY to see my son in San Fransisco. Has anybody done the trip? How long did it take and how many miles a day did you ride. I've done Groton Ct. To Seattle Washington when I was in the navy by car and it took 3 days but that was 30 years ago...
  11. Millman

    Tourmaster Jackets

    Ok, My wife said I need to sell some jackets. I have a Tour Master Transition 4 in Hi Vis XL Tall. I bought it last October and wore it just a few times before the bike was put in storage. I out grew it over the winter and now need to get a 2XL in order to breathe. I also have a Tour...
  12. Millman

    Tourmaster boots cracking

    Has anyone had their Tourmaster boots start to crack on the top near the bend of the foot? These have less than 500 miles on them and only 2 rain rides on them. I'm going to take them back as they tell me the Tourmaster warranty is pretty good. In the mean time, I'll search for some...
  13. Millman

    Friday, May 20, around 7 PM IN NAPLES, NY

    Matte gray with touratech panniers? I was getting gas and he rode in , went in to the store and left before I finished. Looked like a 13. Greg
  14. Millman

    Plasti-Dip Anyone??

    Just wondering if anyone has Plasti-dipped their tank fender and top faring? I was thinking of changing the color of my Matt Gray and from the Plasti - Dip website it looked pretty cool how they were doing motorcycle parts and then peeling the stuff off if you didn't like it. Might be worth a...
  15. Millman

    Buyers Remorse ...... Almost

    Went down to a dealer in Watkins Glen last weekend to check out a used Tenere. It had some of the adds that I wanted to put on mine so I wanted to see it up close, unfortunately it was a private sale and not at the shop. I did see a new FJ09 and the XSR900. When I bought my Tenere, I was...
  16. Millman

    Installed Puig windshield today

    I installed the Puig clear touring windshield today. It's about 7" taller than the OEM and seems to be pretty Sturdy. I'm 6'5" with a 36" inseam and had the OEM on the highest setting and was getting lots of noise and buffeting. Right now I have this one on the 1st mark from the bottom and it...
  17. Millman

    MSR Explorer Voyager Jacket

    Anyone out there own a MSR Explorer Voyager explorer jacket? I'm looking for a summer riding jacket and I saw the MSR, tried it on ant it felt good and looked good. It seemed to be more of a shell though. Can anyone comment on the venting? Also looking at the Tourmaster advanced air and the...
  18. Millman

    Race Tech spring rate chart

    So I went to the race tech site to check what spring rate would be right for me. I put in my weight - 240lbs. And it came up with a 19.6kg/mm. It also said the stock spring was 12.4kg/mm I think. Using their calculator, the stock spring is good for a rider less than 100lbs. My question is if...
  19. Millman

    2014+ tall windscreen post

    I'm trying to find the post where someone posted pictures of the stock windscreen with a tape measure and a tall screen wit a tape. I've tried a lot ocp search combos but to no avail. Can someone help and show the post? Thanks.
  20. Millman

    Refurbished Garmin

    Hi everyone. I am looking to buy a GPS for the bike. Has anyone bought a refurbed unit from Amazon? They have a 390lm for about 340. Let me know and if you had any problems pairing any unit with a Cardo blue tooth. thanks.