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  1. MFP

    Garmin Zumo XT on sale!

    Just a quick heads-up for anyone looking to replace or upgrade your current GPS. The Garmin Zumo XT now has a widespread temporary sale price of $399.99 from most of the top online sellers as well as Garmin's own website.
  2. MFP

    OEM Air Filter Replacement Anomaly

    Yesterday with some help from a friend I finally got around to replacing the air filter on my '13 S10. I bought the bike used in '18 with a smidge under 7K miles on the clock. It now has 16K+. I am pretty sure the P/O never replaced the air filter. I ordered the OEM air filter from my go-to...
  3. MFP

    Possible Replacement For Current GEN Super Tenere?
  4. MFP

    Front Wheel Axle / Rear Wheel Axle Hex Nut Size.

    I have quite thoroughly checked through my Yammy S10 service manual for the size of the hex nut opening on the front & rear wheel axles with no luck (17 or 19MM ?). I prefer to buy a separate hex nut socket not one of those 4-n-1 hex axle tools. Thanks, MFP
  5. MFP

    Fuel tank overflow/breather hose

    I have owned my '13 S10 for over two years now. This has never happened before as far as I know: Today after a 30 mile scoot home from a friend's place I stopped to top off my fuel tank (bike was on the center stand) which was about half full. The temp at the time was in the low 80s. After...
  6. MFP

    Waterproof leather cleaner/polish

    It is time to show some love to my Forma ADV Tourer boots. I usually clean them throughly after each ride but now I would like to do some real cleaning/polishing and a follow-up of some waterproofing. I have used Nor-V-Gen before but I honestly dislike how shiny it makes black leather boots...
  7. MFP

    ACD Racing Skid Plate Foam Sound Deadening Pad

    Last year the foam sound deadening pad on my 4 year old ACD Racing skid plate started to curl up on the lower right side where the exhaust header pipe routes rearward. I used some wide strips of red 3M super strength molding tape to hold it down which lasted for a while but the foam pad has...
  8. MFP

    Time For A New Windscreen

    Time for a new windscreen for my '13 S10. I currently have the OEM GEN1 standard height windscreen with a Madstad bracket. I always wear a SHOEI X2 (with the peak visor) when riding my S10 and I am 6'2". Naturally I am looking for a smoother airflow at highway speeds. Mostly slab riding but hope...
  9. MFP

    Need some help with wiring aux Givi LED lights.

    Earlier this week I installed a set of Givi LED fog lights on my ALTRider crash bars and now I am looking to permanently wire them up. I do have a handle bar mounted on/off switch. My options are: 1) wire directly to the battery(battery currently has the +/- wires installed for my NOCO battery...
  10. MFP

    OEM Handlebar 7/8" or 1" ?

    Quick question, OEM Handlebar 7/8" or 1" ?
  11. MFP

    Front Brake Fluid Reservoir Cap: JIS screws?

    Anyone know for sure if the front brake reservoir cap's screws are JIS, if so what size? I can not tell and the service manual makes no mention.
  12. MFP

    How easily should the front wheel spin?

    Quick question; How much (easily) should the front wheel spin when the bike is on the center stand?
  13. MFP

    Pyramid Plastics Fender Extender

    Any suggestions as to the best place to order a Pyramid Plastics Fender Extender from ? On eBay and Amazon the ones shown look to be questionable and I doubt that they are true Pyramids.
  14. MFP

    Cold start, high RPMs .

    I have not used my scoot for about two weeks and around an hour ago I went to start it up to go out for a quick spin. The bike was on the center sand and once it started (no problems with starting) the RPMs were at around 2500 and the rear wheel was spinning enough to register 3 MPH on the...
  15. MFP

    12V port fuse upgrade

    Tried out my new MotoPump Air-Shot earlier today and it is a great little unit. Front tire (deflated on purpose) was just about a 15 second blast of the Air-Shot and when I was airing my rear tire (also deflated on purpose) up for around 35 seconds the 12V aux port fuse blew. Rather than using...
  16. MFP

    Clutch/Brake lever position adjusting dial.

    In the last month I have developed what has been diagnosed as “tennis elbow” in my left arm (I am right handed). Never had any problems in either arm but I am at the age when these sort of maladies start to pop up. I went out for a quick ride on Wednesday night and it was quite painful in my...
  17. MFP

    Portable 12V air pump/tire inflator

    Looking for recommendations regarding a tried and true portable 12V air pump/tire inflator to carry in my S10’s side case.
  18. MFP

    Tire PSI Cold vs. Hot

    Generally speaking, when you check the air pressure how much can a PSI reading vary between a cold tire and a hot tire? If I remember correctly it can be about 2-4 PSI, correct?
  19. MFP

    One year of ownership with my '13

    This week marks one year since I picked up my used '13 S10. I have put close to 3K miles on it since last June and my S10 now has 10,200 miles on the clock. The fellow I bought it from purchased this particular S10 in late '15 as a leftover and did not really put it on the road until the Spring...
  20. MFP

    Notchy upshifts 2-3, 3-4 and new boots

    Recently bought a pair of Forma ADV Tourer boots and my up shifts from 2-3 and 3-4 have been a bit problematic either with a notchy feel and a clunk (2-3 gear) or no upshift at all unless I really bang it up. Does not happen all the time. Shifter pivot was cleaned and greased last season and oil...