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  1. Sierra1

    Seat mod, just take the rear four grommets out!

    Doesn't everybody? :rolleyes:
  2. Sierra1

    Yamaha Super Tenere MOTO-TAG photo game

    This is a hard one. The furthest that I'm willing to ride, is a county with a president's name. And, it's all but impossible for brothers across the water(s). Kinda like a dead armadillo. And, that wouldn't work. . . . unless they changed the name of a town to that. . . . and, that would be...
  3. Sierra1

    Motorcycle Posters, Artwork, Events...

    All that work, and it still needs a drip rag.
  4. Sierra1

    Will you take the vaccine

    I just finished breakfast. Going out to check my pressures. Leaving soon. :)
  5. Sierra1

    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

    Apparently, the gravestone has traveled all over the place. When they decided to do a DNA test on the two "Billys", it was discovered that Billy's, and his mom's stone(s) had been moved by water during a flood. And. that's before people got involved.
  6. Sierra1

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Raced the Ferraris while you were on your bikes? Or did you get to drive the Ferraris? Either way. . . . I'd have to smoke a cigarette afterwards. (and I don't smoke)
  7. Sierra1

    The anything thread.

    Is that how they get their gas money? :rolleyes:
  8. Sierra1

    tired of chit-chat?- post / view a picture only here.

    1) Definition of a bad day. 2) He doesn't know it yet. 3) Hate to be the guy who mounted the wheel, when he does.
  9. Sierra1

    Will you take the vaccine

    You'll be glad you have the chip if you ever wander off and get lost. :D
  10. Sierra1

    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

    There's still debate whether that's the real Billy the Kid or not. There's a museum in Hico TX, claiming they have the real Billy.
  11. Sierra1

    Custom seats and pads

    I'm a fan of gel. The ST1300's stock seat was horrible after a couple of hours on it. Huntington Beach Honda, who supplied the bike, re-did the seat using gel. Couldn't tell there was a difference, until after time in the saddle, and your butt wasn't numb. I never rode 3-4 hours at one time...
  12. Sierra1

    The anything thread.

    My XS 360 was kick start only too. My right leg was a little bigger since it took me a while to figure out the choke. :oops:
  13. Sierra1

    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

    I don't know. From what I remember of CA roads, they move more people on better road surfaces. And, the mountain roads. . . . wow. A lot of OK, at least in the southwest portion, is set up as a grid for the local roads.
  14. Sierra1

    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

    That's more common than one would think. The town I worked in, Cleburne was like that. The county courthouses in Ft. Worth, Dallas, and Weatherford too, just to name a few. I do know in Cleburne that "back in the day", the streets were two way, but as the town grew, they made everything one...
  15. Sierra1

    The anything thread.

    I can appreciate the cars for what they are, and their capabilities. . . . but, they just don't do "it" for me. Nowhere around here to to drive them like they were intended.
  16. Sierra1

    The anything thread.

    I'd rather have the Challenger. And the cheap gas.
  17. Sierra1

    IBR 2021

    Butt, they weren't riding motorcycles either. I can drive for hours in a car. . . . ride on a bike, not so much.
  18. Sierra1

    Engine failure

    I would have been concerned if it didn't use oil, considering the cars back then.
  19. Sierra1

    When will Canada let me in?

    Some of the cards being sold were blank, some were prefilled, including lot numbers. If they're not valid for international travel, I guess they're being used for work, and school.
  20. Sierra1

    OEM bash plate (EUROPE)

    There was an Altrider plate for about half price. But, I can't remember if it was over there, or over here. I found it. It was over here, and it's sold. Sorry.