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  1. Nerd_ADV

    SOLD: Yoshimura RS-4 Exhaust + Gen 2 Dash + Owner's Manuals + Extras! $400 - Ready to ship!

    Hey all, I don't have the ST any more so I'm getting rid of a bunch of stuff I have left over. Exhaust comes with a 2nd gen dash from the guy who sells them here on the forum. Unfinished project as you see, but nothing you can't handle. Owners manuals, OEM grips / throttle tube, OEM windshield...
  2. Nerd_ADV

    FS: 2017 OEM Muffler $50 + Shipping

    Bought this for a project and ended up not needing it. Calculate shipping from 94127 or local pickup in SF.
  3. Nerd_ADV

    WTB Stock exhaust '14+

    Basically just looking for a stock pipe take-off if anyone's got one taking up space. I'm planning to gut the cat and make a header out of it. I can't do my own since I know it'll take a couple days of work and this bike is really the only way I get around right now. Shipping would be to 94127...
  4. Nerd_ADV

    Madstad bracket crossbar question

    When ordering the bracket, they give the option of 7/8" (standard) crossbar or 1/2" touratech or something... What's the benefit of the 1/2 over the larger one? Which one are most people getting? I tried calling madstad a couple times with no answer.
  5. Nerd_ADV

    Electrical brake noise normal?

    When I grab the front brake there's this high pitch kind of electrical whirring noise. Not sure how to describe it, almost sounds like the noise a cicada makes. Is this normal? Anyone else have / hear it?
  6. Nerd_ADV

    What needs to be inspected immediately on these bikes?

    Hi there. I'm flying up to Oregon this week to pick up a new ST at a dealership, and riding back down the coast (660 miles) over 2 days. Is there anything on these bikes that needs to be checked immediately before hitting the road? Anything that people have found loose out of the factory? Also...
  7. Nerd_ADV

    Question No options for post count or thread count per page?

    In typical forum software, there are options available in user preferences for things like the amount of posts shown within a single thread, as well as threads shown per page within a sub-forum. Usually the options would range from 20 posts per page to 200 posts per page, and sometimes even...