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    Will you take the vaccine

    I've had both shots now, the AZ vax. which is used commonly on us oldies in the UK. No side effects. Also decided to have the anti-spike antibody blood test just to check effectiveness. Thankfully a very strong positive result, 6 weeks after the second vax.
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    Just a few thoughts here as I am hoping the ECU hasn't been fried: - 1. Check all the fuses for continuity, with a meter. No need to pull them. Others mention Fuse #7 Ign. Then there is Back-up #5 if you have an immobiliser, #3 for the throttle valve & #12 for any options (maybe an...
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    New member in UK

    Probably the dumptruck formerly known as little on UKGSer?
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    Show Us Your Panniers

    Would that be a Russian rip-off of the Airflow?
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    New member in UK

    Welcome along - enjoy the new ride.
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    Engine light when throttle let off

    IIRC code 13 is when the sensor is throwing an error, so showing an instability that the ECU hasn't expected. Code 14 is an actual fault or wire disconnect.
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    Engine light when throttle let off

    I'm thinking intake pressure sensor faulty/disconnected or throttle parameters out of sync. Anyone got the detail, from the service manual, on resetting the throttle? I'm sure we had it on here somewhere - should be straightforward on an early Gen2 (pre-OBD).
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    Weird harmonic rumble

    Probably just the tyres starting to cup. Mine have been 'singing' for a while now, but seem to grip fine. Fresh rubber should cure it, but not really necessary if they grip OK.
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    Givi PLR2119 and/or PL2119 rack tube diameter?

    My PLR2119 seems a strange size. It's around 16.3 mm diameter, but very slightly oval even on the straight runs (range 16.25 to 16.35 mm).
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    Hot left hand pipe

    Fact or assumption? It needs measuring with an IR thermometer. If proven significant, then the first thing to check will be the TBs, as WJB says. Otherwise, air leaks, a bad coil, valve clearances - probably an OBD bike, so have you checked for codes?
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    Harley Pan American coming 2/21/2021

    Reg/rec is in the same position as my old Electraglide, which I agree doesn't seem ideal; still easy enough to move, as many owners of BMW F series twins have done to get their R/R somewhere cool. Battery beneath the engine, very KTM, but needs good under-ride protection that only a stout...
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    Why doesn't Motul recommend full synthetic for the SuperTen?

    My local dealer always uses Yamalube semi-synthetic on both my Yamahas, as one might expect. They reckon the clutch may not appreciate a fully synthetic oil, but I wonder whether this is actually the issue; rather it is the need to avoid FS oils intended for cars with a dry clutch/auto trans...
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    ignition fuse

    You might be lucky, but I'm sure it would give you peace of mind to check that circuit (fuse 7) isn't pulling too much current, just to be on the safe side. If you don't have contact with any electricians, various sensibly priced DIY test devices are available, as I doubt you will want to spend...
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    hello, all new uk S10 owner

    Could be a Mexican Wrestling fan, or maybe a Marvel Comic enthusiast? Welcome along, from a horribly cold, wet & windy Bedfordshire. At least it should serve to wash the salt off the road at last.
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    quick shifter

    I think Dynojet still a button shift option for their quickshifter ..............
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    Anthony (avc8130)point of contact

    Anthony is in North NJ ......... @avc8130
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    Clutch fluid leak?

    Sounds like the slave is leaking slightly, probably weeping down the pushrod if you can see nothing externally. A common problem in my previous KTM990 days, but not with Yamaha.
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    Harley Pan American coming 2/21/2021

    HD usually put the reg/rec out in the breeze, down front. Presumably the oil filter is behind the plastic too.
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    What is the importance of this part?

    I wonder if it went missing at crash bar installation (why?) or later at valve check. Then you had your strange headlight issue, which was pretty well unique when some bracketry had fractured IIRC. Now you will be studying all your old photos. It does seem structurally important though, but...
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    What is that ?

    Prompted by @SkunkWorks , I think I have tracked it down - it's was a short run of bikes for the 2015 model year, called the Race Blu Series. This is a video of the launch at EICMA Milan, in autumn 2014 ..........