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  1. Johnwesley

    New style of panniers from Happy trails

    Got the new Happy-trail Panniers in and mounted on the bike. I really like the new design with the angled panels front and back allowing more room for passenger feet. The top plate is a nice addition as well for tying stuff down and the threaded inserts for a rotopax. The powder coat on them...
  2. Johnwesley

    Sidi adv2 vs sidi x3

    I just got the sidi x3 in today as a more off road boot than the adv2 I currently have. There are some parts that are used on both boots making them more simular than I thought. Make no mistake they are in different class for sure but I wanted to share the information for those who are looking...
  3. Johnwesley

    Hammocks and the Tenere

    Anyone here camping with a hammock? I’ve been using one for about 3 years now and was wondering if anyone else here camps with one
  4. Johnwesley

    Bout time for this

    Been hanging out here a little bit but decided this is a place I really enjoy. Even opposing views are met pretty good. Glad I joined up here. a little about me, I’m 46 with two teenagers and been riding motorcycles all my life. When me and my brother were small Mom and Dad would haul us all...
  5. Johnwesley

    Changing out rear spring ES

    I decided it was time to get the rear spring changes and make my ES more usable. As it is now the setting has to be at two helmets to keep from bottoming and the damping set to normal for good handling. I do not have any luggage on the bike yet, but I do have some ordered. Issue is at that point...
  6. Johnwesley

    Any new year rides planned?

    Anyone have a New Years get together/ ride planned to bring in 2021?
  7. Johnwesley

    Outback motortek protection combo instal and thoughts

    Got my outback motortek protection combo in the mail today. Decided I needed a half day off of work and install it. One thing of note is the kit doesn’t come with a radiator lower mount. The radiator moves around easily without it so I fabbed one up which was easily done. Just flat bar...
  8. Johnwesley

    who was it Oklahoma

    I say two S10's did make out the 3rd bike its possible another s10 yesterday on Ok144 heads east toward 259 was that one of you guys?