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    The anything thread.

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    The anything thread.

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    The anything thread.

    More power. LOL
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    rogue camping

    Ive camped all over the country like this before. Its actually really easy I have found. Its obviously not as convenient, but its not an issue really. Ive never been in trouble, asked to leave, or move, or the cops called. So its not an issue to "hide out"... For me its not about...
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    The anything thread.

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    The anything thread.

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    iPad mini addition to a Tenere

    Thanks PineLaneRider ! Appreciate the info / pictures... I'll have to visit the "black hole" of info over at LOL If I stop by there I cant have anything else to do for 4-6 hours.. LOL "never"
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    iPad mini addition to a Tenere

    For sure on the iPhone camera. I’ve had to replace my camera several times already.
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    iPad mini addition to a Tenere

    I recently experienced a Jeep with an iPad on the dash. They used it for GPS, roads, info, Off-Road trails, and any other info you might want to use it for. ( I guess all the normal stuff ) The off-road maping was awesome. Showing you the trail head, where you are located, points of interest...
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    The anything thread.

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    The anything thread.

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    Black Hills Yamaha Super Tenere Rendezvous July 22nd - 25th, 2021 - Custer Crazy Horse Campground, Custer SD

    I’ll be doing my normal - throwing on another set of Shinko 804-805 and coming up. I love off road and will be seeking it out. I get all the pavement I ever want in Texas. When it comes to difficulty, it’s more fun to me riding with fellow riders, and doing what they might want to ride or...
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    Solution for uneven tire wear.

    Non 4-1: For water run off, most all streets fall to your right. Higher in the center. We obviously ride / drive on the right in the US. With this being said I have had front left wear before because it’s riding on that slope of a road. For me it had nothing to do with long distance /...
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    Diff leak

    Its easy.. The seal is available and the "how-to" is on You-Tube ! Ive changed a hand full... There is no rhyme or reason to the ones that start leaking... Miles / year bikes are all over the board...
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    Separate front brake lines (info needed)

    Ive been down this road a few times with the Super Tenere. Finding the parts that are built correctly has been an issue. Installing them not hard at all.
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    Timing Chain

    From what Ive witnessed over the years, there doesn't seem to be much wear on any of the three guides unless something is very wrong. The only thing I don't know this second, is if they are pinned into the case or are they hanging type. If they are pinned in the case, I would say NO.. if they...
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    Sticky Ignition Switch

    Have you run any type of picks in the key hole and really looked around. I have seen this before where a small rock sitting up next to the key, when the key was pulled out there was enough dust and dirt around the little trap door that the little rock fell in the key hole. It acted like yours...
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    Timing Chain

    Im about to replace one on a friends bike with 120K miles. The sprockets still look 'new' but as someone said, the chain is cheep. He is looking to put 250K ++ miles so why not. In your case, probably not necessary unless you just want to....
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    Air filter change

    Your air filter is ‘average’. The oil is crank vapor. The Tenere is know for a bit ‘excessive’ vapor. Having to much oil in the engine exacerbates the situation in the air box with oil on the filter. Not life or death- the filter looks normal :-)
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    FS: New Alpinestar Jacket (L)

    This is a ‘brand new’ jacket. It was ridden 15 miles home. That’s it. I’ve seen this jacket in person and it’s brand new. Not my jacket but I know the guy. Please contact him for questions, Etc.