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  1. gv550

    Oil in air box?

    No clamps on the fuel hose.
  2. gv550

    SapperWing is buying a Super Tenere.

    Welcome to the madness.
  3. gv550

    Another motorcycle, another new member...

    Welcome, and yes, love the yellow!
  4. gv550

    Solution for uneven tire wear.

    I'm in Canada, plenty more left bends here too, but it's our close proximity to the magnetic north pole that constantly pulls our bikes (and politicians) to the left.
  5. gv550

    The anything thread.

    BMW, always the innovators. But I do question the reliability of the attachment points. ;)
  6. gv550

    Solution for uneven tire wear.

    With about 20,000 kms on my Mitas tires, I have noticeably more wear and a bit of cupping on the left side of my front tire. Apparently I ride further and faster through left turns than right so I came up with this solution to even up the wear. At first I considered just remounting the tire but...
  7. gv550

    30000 miles and counting

    50 lashes with a wet noodle. :)
  8. gv550

    Rough shifting into 1st gear

    +1 on clutch drag. Check lever stroke, air in the line, leaking slave cylinder and as a last resort, warped clutch plates.
  9. gv550

    The anything thread.

    An actual round headlight, what a concept! I like it.
  10. gv550

    Lets chat about tires.

    The new road from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk was closed last summer due to Covid, and that issue isn’t gone yet. Just saying. As for tires, in a perfect world you would have sticky smooth tires for the fast curves, rain tires for wet riding, cruiser tires for a comfortable ride across the prairies...
  11. gv550

    Lets chat about tires.

    I used Mitas E07 Dakar tires for that trip. From Ontario to Tuk, west to Alaska, south along the Cassiar, then crisscross east back home. 20,000 kms trip and the tires went another 10k after that, no issues at all with the tires or the bike.
  12. gv550

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Just buy her some nice shoes.
  13. gv550

    Question If having problems posting or seeing photos please report

    Can’t see some photos, get a small box with numbers and jpg. ipad, safari, small town, local provider.......Wightman communication.
  14. gv550

    New In Michigan

    Welcome from neighbouring Ontario, Canada.
  15. gv550

    Motorcycle Posters, Artwork, Events...

    When barkingllizard posts a new picture..... and I only see a little box with numbers and jpg...... my whole day is ruined.
  16. gv550

    Aux Power outlet wiring

    No. The harness is designed for 3 amps and is fused accordingly. Heated clothing will draw upwards of 10 amps.
  17. gv550

    Super Ten Clutch

    Is there any possibility you have ‘energy conserving’ oil in the engine? I would also check for problems with the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder, maybe they are preventing the pressure plate from fully engaging. I have a 2016 with 180,000 kms and I know I have abused the clutch...
  18. gv550

    Valve adjustment - more lessons learned

    Yes. I borrowed a shim kit from a friend and they were labeled 9.50 dia, for his Suzuki. Took my T12 apart and his shims wouldn’t fit. Hot cams sells kits in 9.48 and 9.50 diameter.
  19. gv550

    Valve adjustment - more lessons learned

    Good point. 9.50 diameter is available and will not fit. Must be 9.48
  20. gv550

    Handle bar end/Throttle grip spacing

    Mine is similar.