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  1. VRODE

    Raised Fender and High Mount Fender opinions

    A great idea! I'm not in the market as I don't do any mud riding, but it's a good idea. I would suggest a better picture to see what it really looks like on the bike. The one posted shows how it sits above the tire but not much else. Good luck!
  2. VRODE

    BMW GS Update

    Yowza. " tuneup costs how much?!"
  3. VRODE

    Seat Concepts Lower Seat

    pm sent
  4. VRODE

    What do we now think of the bike

    Just an update. Been dealing with a bum knee that has gotten weaker over time. It's been deteriorating for years but it's accelerated since 2015. I bought the ST in 2016 and have really enjoyed it. But having to pick it up (parking lot drops) twice, and wheeling it around, make me realize it's a...
  5. VRODE

    Sometimes it is better to be at work than to be riding

    Had to be terrible. You were riding right into the worst of it. I was way up north (stones throw from Canada) and spent the worst of the wind/rain indoors doing classroom stuff. The middle of the state got hammered that day.
  6. VRODE

    ECU flash on newer model.

    Arguing about whether or not the bike needs a flash is like arguing about which color is faster. (it's black)
  7. VRODE

    SapperWing is buying a Super Tenere.

    Congratulations from VT! Obviously, you've picked the best color, but I'm biased. Good luck!
  8. VRODE

    Alternator output

    I had a Datel voltmeter on my VFR (an absolute necessity), as well as my FZ1. Heated grips and vest was about the limit for the FZ1 charging system. I used it for the Tenere but the display started flaking out so I installed a voltmeter/usb port unit where the 12V outlet was. Running a 90W...
  9. VRODE

    Sometimes it is better to be at work than to be riding

    Yes, that was a bad day. I was teaching an MSF class that day. Fortunately we got the riding stuff done early so the students didn't suffer, but the ride home was not fun. I got to find out just how waterproof (not) my gear was. And thunder storms w/lightning are the worst. Glad you made it...
  10. VRODE

    Sometimes it is better to be at work than to be riding

    I don't believe it can technically be called a day of riding if it's to deal with mechanical/electrical/maintenance issues. More like a day of "I just have to get this done". Weird that the TFT/electrical system frapped like that. Hopefully it doesn't come back. $1100....jeez. BringMoreWallet is...
  11. VRODE

    Hand Guard Extensions - 3D printing

    Finally got the bike out this year. The handguard extensions are great. Just what I was looking for.
  12. VRODE

    Muscles from Brussels

    Congratulations! Enjoy the new ride.
  13. VRODE

    The anything thread.

    First ride of the season yesterday. Got out for an hour or so to test out the bum knee. It's still not great and I didn't want to stop for pics, but the weather was too gorgeous to pass up an opportunity to ride. I've been contemplating replacing the Tenere but every time I ride it I'm reminded...
  14. VRODE

    What's your bike name!!

    If you couldn't guess.............Godzilla
  15. VRODE

    Show us what keyring you have !

    Whatever you do, make sure you put the keys just barely at the top of your pants pocket and half dangling out. That way, when you are 1,745 miles from home and stop at Badlands Nat'l Park to sight see, they'll fall out. And now you (with no spare keys) will panic and start a frantic search. This...
  16. VRODE

    New Used Owner Near Minneapolis

    Welcome from VT!
  17. VRODE

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Made an appointment for the brake switch recall. Hoping that fixes the intermittent CC problem.
  18. VRODE

    Unexpected benefit of crash bars

    And they say turkeys are hard to hunt. I guess you just need the right weapon. Glad you didn't get messed up.
  19. VRODE

    Take a break once in a while

    My breaks are more restful than that guys. I'd need a nap after that!
  20. VRODE

    BMW GS Update