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  1. patrickg450

    Seat Concepts Lower Seat

    F/S Lower seat from Seat Concepts. Approx 15K miles No rip or tears Comfortable works without factory seat adjuster $145 shipped to lower 48, USPS
  2. patrickg450

    Pelican 1550

    F/S Pelican 1550, from Caribou Cases with lock cut out. I had a warranty claim and Roger sent me a new case. I had an older one from a previous bike that I was able to make it work. No need for this one. Brand new Never installed Comes in Original Box Lock from Caribou is $15, I did not get...
  3. patrickg450


    Has anyone ever purchased a new engine? If so what are/were the costs? I have access to one and 2 clutch pressure plates. I have not idea of the cost/value.
  4. patrickg450

    Seat Discussion

    All right, so I had pretty much decided to go with a Bill Mayer seat. I was doing some research and came across some info on another fourm. Anyone have any experience with Bill? Good or bad? 30" in seam and coming off the seat concepts low.
  5. patrickg450


    For sale Gerber Heated Socks and Gloves, includes one wiring that I used for the socks. (jacket not for sale has the connectors for the gloves). Tested them and they get nice and warm, only used a few times. $100.00 + shipping to lower 48 P.S. I am going out of town in a few days, so if...
  6. patrickg450

    I give up, who is a BANG-WIZ on Zumo 595?

    Ok, I am confused here. I went from a Garmin 60CSX using Mapsource to a Zumo 595 and BC...... On my old unit I would have like 30 or 40 waypoints along my track. Stuff like, "fuel cut off" or "cave 2 miles".....lots of cool stuff. That way when I was riding along I could see the waypoint pop...
  7. patrickg450

    spot messenger

    selling my old spot messenger. I have not used it in about a year. I put batteries in it and she came up. shipped to lower 48 for $25. or shipped to steve in Iowa for $10
  8. patrickg450

    Foot pegs

    Man o man am I behind......... I did a bunch of research about KLR (I think) foot pegs being a direct fit for my 2012 ST. Never ordered them, kind alike my in reach (Sorry Uncle Bob, u 2 John). Getting ready to travel for work so hoping someone can point me correctly. AM I right? Did i...
  9. patrickg450

    Foot Pegs

    So for a long time I have been saying that I was going to remove the old stock ones. And at the rally I sat on a few bikes..............what I forgot to ask was is there a set of pegs that raises them up a bit? They seem to low for me, any suggestions? PG
  10. patrickg450

    okc riders

    ok fellas need help.......broke collar bone and shoulder while here 4 needs some wrenching. pg
  11. patrickg450

    Zumo 595 BC expert

    OK I give up.......been having a bad few weeks and I have lost my patience. I have a new Zumo 595, what is the secret to using this brick? I use to use Mapsource and tracks, easy easy.......Now I just cant seem to figure out how to use my decade of tracks. I can send them to the unit but...
  12. patrickg450

    need a host/place to park my rig in Montana Area

    Ok guys, needs some assistance, originally I posted int he regional forums but it did not get a lot of views.... I have a trip planned for this July, around the 18 to the 20th I will be in the area. Going to Canada with a buddy but due to time constraints/logistics I am trailering my ST to...
  13. patrickg450

    Support your local Shop, Maxey's

    Man O man, nothing sucks more than being on the road and having bike issues..... Dan rode with us at the AR rally, real nice guy. He has a few years on me but he speaks as if who ever he is listening to has "been there done that" and better then him. I knew he was a good guy and he told me...
  14. patrickg450

    2018 Super Tenere FALL Rally East TN, October 4-8th

    What: 7th Annual Super Tenere Rally Here are the quick and dirty details for your short attention spans. It is going to be fun and YES there will be Super Teneres' there so come on. Don't have one? That's OK, none of us 'Merican's had one 6 years ago. Now they are everywhere. When...
  15. patrickg450

    Jaxon's Ride on ADV Skid plate

    I made a recent purchase of a used skid plate, from Ride on ADV. Well I need some up close photos and/or directions on how to mount her up. I will likely have to purchase some hardware too. So Jax or any user, can you pop a few picts and post them up? TIA
  16. patrickg450

    Anti-gravity Battery XP-1

    for sale brand new XP-1 anti gravity battery This unit is brand new comes in the case with all the cords and what not. I bought one from my local bike shop and used it for right at 6 months. It failed on my last trip and they warranted it, replaced for free. I am going to buy the BIG one as...
  17. patrickg450

    Carribou Cases

    I have the side opening Carribou Cases on my scooter, love them. No complaints. I just ordered the brackets so I can strap stuff on top on each case vice carrying on long bag that sits on top of the passenger seat. What I am looking for is recommendations for top loading bags that are sized...
  18. patrickg450

    happy 4TH

    my plans to do a big trip (with Paul) got cannex, thanks govt job. So I grabbed a Strom rider and hit AR, the best place to ride and in my back yard. It was a short 2 day trip, but we knew it was going to be a good one, despite the weather...........kinda hot. Only did 960 miles in 2 days but...
  19. patrickg450

    Free parking

    Need some help here...... going to the rally in Romney this year, I am excited for many reasons. I will actually be leaving out Friday the 28th of April. I will be meeting up with some buddies and riding East TN, East KY (KAT) and headed to WV. But now I got a problem......Work has me going...
  20. patrickg450

    leaky shaft

    So the bike has sat for a good bit this year. It has developed a leak under the shaft, dripping down at the bottom of the housing. I did some quick scanning of my manual and did not see a seal that would cause this. I believe it is coming from inside, like where the rear wheel shaft goes...