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    Safety recall notice received - Front brake switch

    In today’s mail I received a recall notice from Yamaha USA its for the front brake switch that so many folks have been reporting problems with, the recall covers quite a few models of Yamaha motorcycles but only the 2018-2020 XTZ12 Tenere’s . They will be installing a new front brake switch. So...
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    Battery charger, maintainer and Desulfator

    Has anyone here ever used a Desulfator ? I have been considering buying one to use on motorcycles, ATV, cars and tractors. The prices range from about $50 to $160, the higher priced ones put out more amps, which one would you choose ...
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    Motorcyclist test 5 different ADV bikes

    But apparently they never heard of the Yamaha Tenere.
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    Sale Sena 20s EVO great price !

    I have no idea how long this sale price will be in effect but it’s the lowest price I have ever seen.
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    Odometer and Trip miles quit showing ?

    Last weekend on a short ride I ran the gas tank low enough to cause the low fuel warning to start flashing, no big deal I thought but after refueling the trip meters and odometer have not returned to the normal way of working. Instead It’s showing three things air temperature, coolant...
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    Adjusting ES suspension ???

    Member Sierra1 posted this in a different thread today “On the ES, preload and compression/rebound are separate. Preload has to be set while stationary, and out of gear. Compression/rebound has a s**t ton of variations/combinations, and can be set/changed while on the move. ” I was totally...
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    A little Honda car history

    And yes in my opinion it is very much motorcycle related
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    Clutch didn’t work properly

    Today after riding up Pikes Peak we were riding through Colorado Springs and got stuck in stop and go traffic, the clutch started feeling a little to easy and all of a sudden when the stopped traffic started rolling my clutch lever would only go out a little ways and did not engage at all. So...
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    World travel on Tenere
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    Installing Yamaha crash bars ?

    I removed the Yamaha crash bars from my 2013 Tenere last fall when I traded for a new 2018. Well today I’m installing the crash bars, everything is going fine except for the single bolt for the brace at the very top, I don’t have any instructions and I’m wondering exactly how I’m supposed to go...
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    Question Member profile ?

    Under user name Where it says “messages” are you supposed to be able to click on messages and then see the members posts ?
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    Minneapolis motorcycle show

    Went to the show in Minneapolis today, last year Yamaha wasn’t there and this year they were not there again. , BMW, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Can Am, Indian, all had very nice displays. I believe Honda probably had the biggest display there. In general to me it seems like attendance was down...
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    Question How to change signature or whatever you call it ?

    Below my posts there are a couple of links that with the old board were clickable but since the new board was started they are not clickable, if there is a way to get in there to fix that and a few other things I sure have not been able to figure it out.
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    Delete please it’s been traded for a new 2018 ES

    Delete please traded for a new 2018 ES
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    2019 Tenere ?

    When will the 2019 Tenere 1200 be available, or maybe Yamaha has decided to discontinue the 1200 Tenere ?
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    Tenere seat recommendations

    Nearly 50,000 miles using the stock seat on my Tenere, it works fine for a couple hundred miles but longer days it gets miserable. Yes I have done the flat seat mod and it helped a little but I’m really wanting a better seat and would like to see your recommendations. This is the only...
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    Rear wheel bearing failures ?

    With only 45,000 miles on my Tenere I’m broke down in Missoula Montana because the rear wheel bearings are shot, every Yamaha dealer I’ve called says they could order the bearings but have no idea when they might arrive because Yamaha says they are out of stock. Has anyone else here experienced...
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    Throttle ?

    Does anyone here know of an easy way to make the Tenere throttle easier to turn ? Mine seems to have a little to much spring tension .
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    Shock Sox ?

    Thinking about buying a set of Shock Sox for our Tuktoyaktuk trip next month, what size do you recommend 6 inch or 13 inch ? Thanks.
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    WTB one gallon Rotopax

    Looking to buy a used one gallon Rotopax that might even include a pack mount in good condition, I’m guessing there are lots of nice used ones laying around so let me know if you have one you would like to get rid of, the plan is to use it on a trip to Tuktoyaktuk Northwest Territory in August...