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  1. ~TABASCO~

    iPad mini addition to a Tenere

    I recently experienced a Jeep with an iPad on the dash. They used it for GPS, roads, info, Off-Road trails, and any other info you might want to use it for. ( I guess all the normal stuff ) The off-road maping was awesome. Showing you the trail head, where you are located, points of interest...
  2. ~TABASCO~

    FS: New Alpinestar Jacket (L)

    This is a ‘brand new’ jacket. It was ridden 15 miles home. That’s it. I’ve seen this jacket in person and it’s brand new. Not my jacket but I know the guy. Please contact him for questions, Etc.
  3. ~TABASCO~


    Hey guys, Its that time again that I NEED to get rid of some of these tires. I have a lot of good take off tires that still have lots of tread left. These would be great for commuting to work, or fun weekend trips. These are FREE to you. Most of what I have are 50/50 ADV tires and I think I...
  4. ~TABASCO~

    FS: 2020 Kawasaki Versys SE LT Posting for a friend. 2327 mi , lots of extras, he just got this- it’s brand new.
  5. ~TABASCO~

    European / Australia friends here on the forum ?

    I have a strange question. Ive been looking at Hammerite paint and picking a color. Come to find out they have discontinued Hammerite in the USA / Canada. They still sell all across Europe and most other countries except the US and Canada. I don't know, that's why I'm asking, is it possible...
  6. ~TABASCO~

    Any electrical engineers out there 110/220/440 ?

    If you want to help with a simple easy project, hit me up. I believe I have everything I need but stuck on one ‘proper’ component name, and wiring it. This “help” is probably two emails or one phone call. Thank you
  7. ~TABASCO~

    ~HELP~ Need boot off your broken coil ! ! PLEASE

    I need the rubber boot off a coil. doing a valve check on my bike and messed up a rubber boot off the coil. Problem is they don’t sell them that I can find. If someone has replaced a coil and has it sitting in there tool box I need the boot. I’m dead in the water till I can find one. Any...
  8. ~TABASCO~

    Anyone have a waterjet or laser cutter available?

    Working on a new project and need a few parts cut with a waterjet or laser cutter. I have all the technical drawings. Most material is 3/8" plate, and maybe 1-2 pieces out of 1/2" steel plate. Never know who knows who out on the internet with the tools you might need. Thought I would ask -...
  9. ~TABASCO~

    ~TABASCO~ Ohlins Maintenance

    Recently Ive been working on some Ohlins products again and wanted to share a few quick things. 1) If you have Ohlins front cartridges, DONT FORGET that you can change the front spring rate WITHOUT removing the fork from the bike. They adopted their same race style internals for our bikes...
  10. ~TABASCO~

    Need some help please finding a part(s)

    Hey guys, I need some forum assistance. Maybe someone knows where I can find the darn things. Im in need of 4 of these rubber boots (seals) that live at the top of the coil sticks, for the spark plugs. They dont seem to sell them separate and I just can not find any... Any suggestions, any...
  11. ~TABASCO~


    Looking for a friend. Anyone know of a rear hub for sale ? Thank you
  12. ~TABASCO~

    HELP: Need a 1.90 shim in DFW (or close to mail)

    Hey guys, working on a bike and need a 1.90 shim in Dallas / Ft Worth or I need it basically tomorrow (Friday). Ive ordered from a parts house, they screwed it all up, called dealers looking for one don't have any.... all of this has been fruitless. Anyone close or that can mail one...
  13. ~TABASCO~

    WTB: The rubber boots around the coil

    I would like to find / buy four of the rubber boots that are the 'rubber top cap' on each coil. Yamaha does not sell the separately so I will have to find a set. I don't need them tomorrow, but if anyone one comes across some old or water damaged coils and don't need the rubber boot, let me...
  14. ~TABASCO~

    Hey folks from Fort Wayne, IN... Anyone friends with Fill-Rite?

    Hello folks, Im working on a project that will need a Fill-Rite pump made there in your town by the air port. (In 1995 Tuthill Transfer Systems broke ground on their new state-of-the art production facility on Aviation Drive in Fort Wayne, IN. ) Anyone on this forum have a "friends and...
  15. ~TABASCO~

    Engine / model question real quick ?!?! Broken engine !

    Hey guys, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I have a customer that has brought me his bike. I’m in the middle of doing exploratory surgery. But we both agree that it sounds and it’s looking like it dropped a rod bearing. It sounds like serious rod knock. If that’s what it turns out to...
  16. ~TABASCO~

    Valve check service, Valve adjustment, General maintenance

    Anyone in the area of Dallas / Ft Worth (Texas) that is interested in valve check, valve adjustment, or general service let me know. If you're looking to price shop, I'm probably not your guy. But I am very particular. Feel fee to post or PM me questions.
  17. ~TABASCO~

    A set of forks and lowers

  18. ~TABASCO~

    Metal engine side cove plug (last two available)

    Hello, I have two remaining engine plugs. Its the larger plug on the right side of the engine next to the oil fill plug. These are really nice because they are metal and not plastic. I have run the same one since 2012. $25 ea PM if interested. Thank you (top & bottom view)
  19. ~TABASCO~

    Helpful tech tip... Don't have it be a pain !

    I added this in another post, Ive been asked to bring this to its own thread. Hopefully this might help some folks. *****Service lower linkage on swing arm****** After reading this post,(other original post) and having extra time on my hands, I realized I should probably re service mine...
  20. ~TABASCO~

    Wanted: stock pegs !

    I need two sets of the original stock pegs. If you have a set in your old tool box let me know. I have a few friends with mini bikes. They have found that the Tenere pegs fit. They want to stick them on there bikes. I told them I would ask around :-) Thank you