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  1. Yamaha world crosser

    For sale ---tenere new parts ---

    Hai I am selling new Handguard pairs Starter relay New original parts If you need any tenere new parts Just message me with correct part no.whether I have ready stock or need to order. Post worldwide Intresteddd can message me...thanks
  2. Yamaha world crosser

    Idling become high and header pipe become red hot

    Hai, any one in there can give opinion about my problems My s10 2011 have problems with idling is very high although the throtle in close position and some times the pipe header become red become almost go to 2000 rpm in idling and slowly turn down to 1500 at idling and when riding it...
  3. Yamaha world crosser

    Hai from Malaysia

    Thanks all..I'm from Malaysia ::021::
  4. Yamaha world crosser

    Hai all thanks for accept..From malaysia s10

    Thanks all from Malaysia s10 ::021::