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  1. stomp347

    Final drive leak, both places?

    Guys, reviving an old thread. On the parts diagram, which seal number are we talking about. I just returned from some long, high speed runs in the heat this past weekend, and ran into the same issue as described by the OP. Thanks, Stomp
  2. stomp347

    SOLD--Windshield Puig tinted

    PM sent
  3. stomp347

    Stock muffler

    Yeah, the classified police are kinda funny, even though they may not but it. I sold mine for 100.00.
  4. stomp347

    SOLD 2014 fz1 for sale

    With that many miles on it, and the Graves full system, I think its a fair price.
  5. stomp347


    Pm sent
  6. stomp347

    F S DUAL EXHAUST manufactured by NONE in Spain $550.00

    I was thinking the same thing when I first saw the post. I would love to know how the outcome. With pics please.
  7. stomp347

    2013 Super Tenere $6500 SOLD

    Yes sir! Glws
  8. stomp347

    SOLD Calsci Tinted Shorty Windscreen

    Pm incoming
  9. stomp347

    WTB After market seat or AirHawk

    I have an Air Hawk 2 I used for a few years. Great shape. I'll be in NH on Thursday, In VT on Friday - East Burke. I can let you try it, because we are coming back through NH again on the flowing Tuesday. Gives you a chance to see if you like it of not.
  10. stomp347

    KLIM and cleaning

    I do the exact same thing.
  11. stomp347

    Do you wear a 'flip up type' modular helmet ? What brand ?

    Schuberth C3 Pro. Quiet, versatile when on long trips with the drop down visor.
  12. stomp347

    Wanted to Buy; Russell Day Long seat

    I agree with BMAC. I lucked out. The person selling the RDL was just about the same size weight etc. Just be patient, they pop up from time to time. Not sure about the unnecessary wanted/for sale comment, by whatevea. Good luck!!
  13. stomp347

    Sold: Bill Mayer Custom Saddles

    Honestly, it happens more than you think.
  14. stomp347

    New Super Ten' in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

    Welcome, and so sorry for your loss. You live in a great area. At some point and time we will be heading back up there again. Enjoy the new ride. Steve
  15. stomp347

    Russell Day Long Saddle (((SOLD)))

    Re: Russell Day Long Saddle Ooooook, I'll admit it. I hate to do the extra paperwork associated to sending it to different countries.
  16. stomp347

    Russell Day Long Saddle (((SOLD)))

    Re: Russell Day Long Saddle Dammmnnnnnnnnnn. Let me know if you pass on it. LOL.
  17. stomp347

    gen 2 improvements worth it ?

    BAM.......there ya have it.
  18. stomp347

    gen 2 improvements worth it ?

    Same here.....