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  1. Synk

    Spacers for soft panniers for Monokey or Retro Fit case holders

    If somebody useing soft left/right panniers with case holder, which have bolts - you can use this spacers instead of disnounting bolts. I prepared 2 version, V1 can be used if you have not toolbox, V2 is universal. That the spacers that can prevent the panniers from getting punctured. I made...
  2. Synk

    Hand Guard Extensions - 3D printing

    Hello gentlemen. If someone needs better wind protection for their hands, they may have it. You just need to have access to a 3D printer and print. The model can be downloaded from the website below. These are "plug & play" covers - for installation without glue or fasteners. The cover extends...
  3. Synk

    3D model for handbar

    hello gentlemen I am looking for a 3D model of original hand shields (handbar) for SuperTenere XT1200Z. Has anyone modeled or found it somewhere on the internet? I need the model to the design of an additional extension for them. (sorry for my English)