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  1. lddave

    Will you take the vaccine

    Took my 94 year young mom this morning to get her second china virus vaccine. She sure was in a great mood while we waited inline.
  2. lddave

    Post your favorite motorcycle shirt.

    I like these t shirts so much I framed them and they are hung in the shop . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. lddave

    Type of helmet you wear...

    I am on my second Shoei NeoTec . Its time to look for another helmet, thinking about a HJC RPHA Max modular flip up.
  4. lddave


    In 2001 crossing from the US to Canada 3 times on a motorcycle trip my Texas drivers license was all I needed. I did have copy of my birth certificate with me but never needed it. In 2002 crossing into Alaska from Canada the US border person told me that my drivers license was not proof of...
  5. lddave

    Will you take the vaccine

    Wife and I got the second shot around 2 pm Friday and Saturday stated feeling like flu, today Sunday back to normal. We mostly slept Saturday .
  6. lddave

    Will you take the vaccine

    Received my second shot yesterday my arm is a little sore thats only side effects so far.
  7. lddave

    "Himalaya Calling"

    Watched the first episode yesterday and enjoyed .
  8. lddave

    2021 Black Hills Super Tenere rally poll 2.0 redo

    Just got off phone with the campground , reservation for 3 nights.
  9. lddave

    2021 Black Hills Super Tenere rally poll 2.0 redo

    I must have missed the post on the chosen date .
  10. lddave

    Will you take the vaccine

    Large hospital group here in Houston had a 4 day drive thru vaccination drive for 65 or over folks this past week. 14,500 people received first vaccine. Wife and I volunteered to work one day and were offered the vaccine and we both received it. Mid February we volunteer another day and receive...
  11. lddave

    Hammocks and the Tenere

    Have not tried a hammock because as others have mentioned a lot of places I camp have not trees. I use to have a hammock on the back patio of a previous home and loved taking a nap in it. Kermit chair with the leg extensions usually goes with me even it takes up space on the bike.
  12. lddave

    Organization is key.

    When I retired I brought my two tool boxes home and recently organized them with the one I have at home. I counted 24 adjustable/ cresent wrenches. I have enough to have pegboard like that.
  13. lddave

    $800 car road trip?!??

    Wife and I were in the Big Bend area mid December. Observatory is closed to the public, drugstore in Fort Davis was open . Alpine is taking cover serious mask, and sanitizer . A few restaurants in the area closed , business as usual mostly. Big Bend park was crowded but it usually is that time...
  14. lddave

    Super Tenere Rally 2021

    I went to a ST-Owners event in the Deadwood area 10 years ago , rode some great roads then. Ready to go back and its only about 1300 miles for me.
  15. lddave

    Perplexing Issue!

    What did you not like about the AF1 flash? I am asking because they are only 2 hours away from me and I am hesitant to ship my ecm to Anthony for fear of it getting lost in the mail and then getting a new one.
  16. lddave

    How many miles did you ride your Tenere in the Pandemic 2020 year?

    My yearly average was down this year I am at 8179 miles between the Tenere and the Concours. Made one overnight trip, week long ride thru New Mexico and Colorado then home via Big Bend area of Texas. Since I retired I do not commute anymore just leisure rides.
  17. lddave

    Any new year rides planned?

    I plan on a Big Bend/ Fort Davis, Texas ride in the spring. Utah in August for the new year. Other rides depend more on my desire to ride then lockdowns and mask mandates.
  18. lddave

    Seat Discussion

    I did business the dad whom has since died . This was probably late 1998 or early 1999. If I remember right one son took over the Bill Meyer business and have hear good things about him . The other son Rocky opened a shop also, have read of not so good about him. I have also used Mr Ed's moto...