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  1. kaptain_zero

    DIY Molle webbing or panel on exterior of stock Yamaha luggage?

    So, when sufficient monies become available, I will be purchasing a set of Mosko Backcountry panniers with their Molle attachments. However, in the mean time, has anyone found a source for or diy'ed a molle webbing for the stock Yamaha panniers? I can see myself attaching some of those smaller...
  2. kaptain_zero

    Heads up, now that the Super Tenere has reached the end of production.

    As the Yamaha Super Tenere has reached EOL, we will see a quickly dwindling number of accessories to purchase for these machines. If there is something you were thinking of getting, I would get it now!
  3. kaptain_zero

    Hi from Winnipeg.

    Well, I lucked out.... Super Teneres are scarce as hens teeth right now, but I happened to call the local dealer today and they just got one in. So, now it's mine! I have not ridden two wheels in over 20 years. My wife passed away this year and I've been racking my brains to find something to...