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  1. RonH

    Will you take the vaccine

    Everyone that gets the vaccine, what about next year, next year ect. Better sign up early for vaccine for the 2024 model year. Get in now to be first in line.
  2. RonH

    Will you take the vaccine

    My dad is a veteran, 90yrs old and been through about everything. He's been shot, broken 8 ribs in an accident, gets his teeth drilled and pulled with no pain killer. He told me the shot really hurt and he felt like crap for days. If this man feels that way, I think I will pass and let the rest...
  3. RonH

    Type of helmet you wear...

    I like the Arai Signet-X that fits a long head real nice with no head pain. Also considered the XD4. The modular sounded like a good idea, but I got the Neotec, and it was a piece of crap, unusable waste of money as it was like 20lb piece of lead on top of the head, or at least felt that way. I...
  4. RonH

    Will you take the vaccine

    Anyone have any guess on how far the cases will fall after all vaccines are done? My guess is zero. Too late now to save USA. It was too late the first day the first person brought it over here.
  5. RonH

    Covering your plate

    It's another case of "monkey see, monkey do". Others cover their plate, so it "must be " important, so the trend continues forever. Just like honking your horn in a car every time you park. Is this really necessary? Yes, others do it, so it must be.
  6. RonH

    Safety recall notice received - Front brake switch

    Interesting the recall installed switch is only $13 part according the the invoice Alan posted, where the old switch was $75 or so.
  7. RonH

    Electric vehicles, batteries, and myth busting

    I haven't read too much of the thread, and like my battery power tools a lot, and things are getting better for battery power for sure, but the cost to repair electric vehicals has been beyond rediculous in years passed. I watched youtube videos that showed $6,000.00 to replace the...
  8. RonH

    Allen brake reservoir.

    Tighten to 13 in/lb. I got a torque screwdriver to do these small screws and highly recommend adding one to anyone's tool collection.
  9. RonH

    Will you take the vaccine

    I assume the vaccine will be an every year thing for the next 5400 years, along the line of the flu vaccination? Why bother? It's here, and will be like the flu and a cold for the next few hundred decades.
  10. RonH

    So you have a passion for motorcycles, what else?

    I started in motorcycles in 1970 and about the same time enjoyed pinball machines. I still like my motorcycles and pinball machines. I have 5 games here at home. Fun to have a few beers, listen to music and play with the machines when it's winter and can't ride.
  11. RonH

    Safety recall notice received - Front brake switch

    Vickery is a good dealer, I've been dealing with them for 40yrs. I just can't go there again because of covid masks. The thought of being seen or seeing my old friends looking like dimfricks just keeps me away. I can only go where no one knows me and I don't know them.
  12. RonH

    Safety recall notice received - Front brake switch

    I'm beginning to get the feeling even though the recall seems relatively simple I will take my chances and just buy a switch if/when it goes bad for the $75 rather than risk messed up repair of something not broken. It's sad when you can't even trust a dealer to properly inflate a tire let alone...
  13. RonH

    Safety recall notice received - Front brake switch

    I got my notice as well. I hope this goes better than previous ones. I had a car burnt to the ground during a dealer recall, and several recalls I had to pretty much undo everything they "fixed" and do the job correctly. For sure any work they do, look it over. This seems easy thankfully. I...
  14. RonH

    PSA: new tires + subfreezing temps = no traction

    My sister and her husband recently bought a $120,000 Porsch or however one spells that car which doesn't give me any thrill, but I thought it kind of funny they actually had to sign a legal document that it was not to ever be driven at under 50F temperature because of the type of tires. I guess...
  15. RonH

    The new KLR 650 is out!

    My neighbor bought one a few years back and was a new rider, and knew I had been riding for a long time and asked me to ride his was the only time I rode one. I rode it about 1/2 mile, and that was well enough of that. I had a new Yamaha XT500 back in 1977 and the KLR brought back vivid memory...
  16. RonH


    It's a 22mm axle shaft.
  17. RonH

    MMG YTZ14S Battery

    It's a Chinese battery, not that all Chinese stuff is bad, but the Super Tenere needs a really strong battery. Reading reviews on Amazon, many complaints of 1yr life ect. It may be fine, but for the extra money I would stay with the Yuasa. It always gets on my nerves to start with when Chinese...
  18. RonH

    Later clutch basket,does it really make a difference?

    Some guys that have only ridden with the old clutch basket really can't say whether the upgrade is worth it. On my 2012 I didn't have a feeling the clutch vibration was a problem. I figured it was a twin cylinder motorcycle, and never going to be really smooth and vibration free, but for sure...
  19. RonH

    The next chapter...KTM Super Adventure S

    Glad I've been lucky I guess. 500,000 miles give or take, never hit a deer or even had a close call.
  20. RonH

    $800 car road trip?!??

    Looks like fun for you and daughter, but I doubt I would do it today with the virus. Maybe in 10yrs or so though. My wife's brother, daughter, best friends, pretty much all of them ignored advice to not travel during this, and despite doing all the stuff that does no good (masks) ect, pretty...