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  1. Mr. BR

    Learning Valve Adjustment

    WJB... you are correct! That is my old '95 ST1100 that I owned for about 5 yrs and sold back in '14 when I got my '05 FJR13. It was a great bike and served me well for about 30K miles. I checked valves, changed the T-belt, water pump and also did the 40amp alternator upgrade which was...
  2. Mr. BR

    Learning Valve Adjustment

    I had an interest in cars/bikes from early on but way back in the 80’s after high school, I spent several years working at a Hon-Yam shop while going to College. It was a time of FJs, Secas, Maxims, Viragos, CBs, Interceptors, Gold-wings etc… This is where I was able to observe and learn about...
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  4. Mr. BR

    Final drive gasket?

    I'm currently in the FJR1300 world and it has a VERY similar arrangement.... and we see the same: surface rust on the shaft and other items. Not a concern and if you're in there every few years, just clean as needed and lube the splines and ensure the drain hole is clear... and NO gasket is...
  5. Mr. BR

    Hello from San Jose, CA

    Hey Chicago106miles, Sorry I missed this and thanks for the greeting! I JUST saw your other note this morning so yes... coffee will be good for a future meeting so I can look at the ST. Much appreciated! I'm at the other end of Meridian to the South just past Coleman! Mr. BR
  6. Mr. BR

    WITHDRAWN FROM SALE --- 2012 Super Tenere - NC - $4500

    Crap! This is a stunning deal but on the wrong side of the Country for me.... I'm really suprised someone hasn't grabbed this.
  7. Mr. BR

    Valve adjustment - more lessons learned

    ahh..... I was wondering about the shim size (dia) for the Super Ten.... 9.48mm. Same as the FJR1300 and no surprise there... Which is good since I have a Hot-Cams shim kit which I used for my past 2 checks on my '05 FJR which had little prior Service history at purchase (shim kit currently on...
  8. Mr. BR

    Hello from San Jose, CA

    Hello, Thought I’d finally post my intro message because I’m back looking at the Super Ten again… I actually joined this forum back in July of ’16, did some reading and then moved on. My current ride is an ’05 FJR1300 which I‘ve had for 6+ yrs and it’s my year-‘round daily driver for the...