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  1. towboatcrisco

    ***SOLD***Giant Loop Fandango Pro For Sale

    Just sold the bike this tank bag belonged too .. Bought new in June 2017 is in like new condition with maybe 2500Kms on it . Im looking for $250 Canadian
  2. towboatcrisco

    Vancouver BC Canada . '93 XTZ 850 6,800 Canadian Dollars

    Seen this in the locally thought I would share
  3. towboatcrisco

    Helmet STOLEN off Motorcycle , Assaulted while pursuing thieves

    Wasn't sure where to post this but since happening it has sparked all kinds of debate and dialogue between myself and riders I know , thought I would post up my misfortune to draw attention to the bigger issue should we trust our fellow man or in correct terms " humans " . It seems for myself I...
  4. towboatcrisco

    ABS not working

    I have a 2012 and today I was going down a very steep off road grade loose sand and rocks , it was very hard to curtail forward motion . I struggled to the bottom which was a 120 degree turn over a creek on a small temporary bridge speed and momentum were not going to be my friend's here ...
  5. towboatcrisco

    Tuktoyaktuk June 2018 " Tenere Trio "

    June 15 2018 Three British Columbian Tenere Riders set out for Tuktoyaktuk ! All of us are from the Greater Vancouver Area and have know each other for several years . We're all in our late 40's and maybe one lucky guy just turned 50 :o . We met at a local dealership in Langley and our...
  6. towboatcrisco

    wanted Yamaha OEM Pannier ( larger one)

    Hey I disintegrated my silver 2012 OEM pannier on the Dempster on the way to TukToyaktuk June 24 2018 . Im looking at upgrading my panniers but its PRICEY so if someone has a one of Yamaha OEM pannier on the throttle side of the bike ( larger one ) and wants to get rid of it for a reasonable...
  7. towboatcrisco

    Engine light

    Anybody have an issue with the CJM mod and an engine light ? I'm just waiting for AC to be able to flash Canadian ECUs . Meanwhile still have the fuse in the clutch switch . But rrecently been having issues with the clutch on start up . ( bike in neutral .. clutch pulled in .. start bike ...
  8. towboatcrisco

    British Columbia Tenere's

    Happy Febuary 2014 ! with the Vancouver/Abbostford Motorcycle show over and the Quick rip I squeezed in on Jan.31 I thought I would put myself out there and see who's around . Calgary has a contingent of about 8- S10's Just was looking to see who's around B.C. and where for ... rides, info...