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    Super Tenere Recall - Front brake switch

    Not sure if this has been covered yet. I received a letter from Yamaha Canada Corp. Regarding the front brake switch being defective and recalled. This is very convenient because mine went bad early last summer and it keeps disabling my cruise control. I have been band-aid fixing it since by...
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    WTB Slip-On Exhaust, Yamaha OEM Pannier Bags, AUX Lights

    I am looking for a slip on exhaust for my 2016 XT1200. Please let me know what you have and cost. I am in Ontario Canada. I am also looking for Yamaha OEM pannier bags and AUX Lights. Chris.
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    Pro Taper Evo Adventure Standard Height

    I am looking into getting the evo bars in standard height as I don't think the high version will be suitable for me as I am 5'9". I have searched this forum but everyone seems to go with the high version of these bars. Does anyone know if the standard height evo bars need extended lines or...
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    Getting Ready?

    As we have all seen in Canada by now, riding season is around the corner. What are us northern riders doing to get ready for the season? Post pics of new mods\tires\windscreens or even graphics or just say what city and province your from. I personally picked up a new seat, windshield...
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    Touratech Seat

    I am looking to see if anyone has a standard height touratech seat for a 2016 Super Tenere.
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    Help me make a decision?

    I have narrowed my search down to three seat options and if anyone has experience in these please let me know. I am looking at either the Seat Concepts foam kit, Touratech Comfort Seat, or the Sergeant Seat. I am not interested in a RDL or anything that shape. I have done 1200km weekend rides...
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    ES Suspension Settings for Non ES?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows what the ES sets the suspension to in clicks for each mode. Example: If you set your ES to one rider with luggage, the ES will set your fork compression and rebound damping and your rear shock preload, compression and rebound damping. I am wondering how...
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    New To the Tenere, And This Forum.

    Been riding for many years. TTR-225's, DT-100's, CR125, DRZ-400S. CBR600 F4i, Versys 650, And now the Super Ten. Loving this rig so far. It's mind blowing how much better this much bigger bike is off road compared to the smaller versys 650. Even with the original tires I can haul a$$ down forest...