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  1. Longdog Cymru

    What tyres does your S10 wear?

    My 2017 XT1200Z came with Bridgestones on, (A41s if I remember correctly) and I found them really good. When the time came to change, (I always change as a pair), I put my money on Michelin PR5 Road Trail tyres because I really like Michelin tyres and I have been delighted with them as I have...
  2. Longdog Cymru

    Givi Airflow vs Stock Screen

    Had my first opportunity to try out my new Givi Airflow screen today. Because we are limited to “essential” journeys due to the COVID pandemic, I took advantage to delivering my parents food, (they are both over 90 and my mother has Alzheimer’s), which I do twice weekly. I did a round trip of...
  3. Longdog Cymru

    Type of helmet you wear...

    I really don’t go for the so called adventure styled helmets, I can see the peak being useful on sunny days but I think the noise and lift is a big minus point for me, so my current helmets are a Shark Carbon and an Arai Chaser
  4. Longdog Cymru


    I had a 2008 Buell Ulysses and I thought it was a fantastic bike, certainly right up there in the top three motorcycles I have owned since 1969!
  5. Longdog Cymru

    XT1200Z new member

    Hi Limbo, welcome to the forum and congratulations on your choice of motorcycle! Whereabouts in Poland are you?
  6. Longdog Cymru

    FS: 2020 Kawasaki Versys SE LT

    The Kawasaki Versys 1000 is a truly great bike with the best motor that I have ever owned. :)
  7. Longdog Cymru

    ReListing my 2017 Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX

    Great bikes and yours looks good! GLWTS :)
  8. Longdog Cymru

    UK Dealer Response to Mileage Rant

    The same thing happened to me when I was looking for an S10. I had a 5 year old Versys 1000 with 26,000 on it and one dealer told me that “it had almost twice the average mileage“. When I pointed it out that the Versys was a touring bike and I had actually used it for touring they looked at me...
  9. Longdog Cymru

    Givi Airflow vs Stock Screen

    I have to agree, the Airflow won’t win any beauty contests but it is function over form and that is more important in the real world. Plus, I had one on my Kawasaki Versys 1000 for 5 years so I had plenty of time to get used to it!
  10. Longdog Cymru

    Harley Pan American coming 2/21/2021

    Well, it won the competition for Who Can Design the Ugliest Motorcycle in the World!
  11. Longdog Cymru

    Real world fuel range and mpg....

    310 miles??? It must have been on a trailer for the last 100 miles!;)
  12. Longdog Cymru

    Why so many 2012 & 2014 for sale

    2014 was the first year of the Gen 2 Super Tenere
  13. Longdog Cymru

    Will you take the vaccine

    Getting my first vaccination next week! Yay! :)
  14. Longdog Cymru

    Fort Worth, Texas Accident. Hope everyone and their family are ok!

    Yes, on the video they have played over here, people must have their cars on cruise while they telephoned their wives. Girlfriends, boyfriends and stock brokers because nobody was braking! Unbelievable!
  15. Longdog Cymru

    Givi Airflow vs Stock Screen

    Well, I bought a brand new Givi Airflow from a Honda dealership that was having a clearance sale, so I got it at a pretty good price! I spent a satisfying 30 mins or so this afternoon removing the stock screen and the screen height adjustment mechanism and fitting the new Givi screen. I tried...
  16. Longdog Cymru

    Need help with Vibrations post 4.5K RPMS

    This is a little off topic, but may be of interest. As you all probably know, Ducati have a new V4 Multistrada out. As well as a 37,000 mile interval for valve clearances, it only requires an oil change every 2 years, but to check the oil level, the factory advice is to start the engine and...
  17. Longdog Cymru

    Need help with Vibrations post 4.5K RPMS

    My money is on the throttle body sync. What I think will not give you this vibration is the suspension settings. If it was smooth before, you need to look at what has been changed that could produce this effect And you have quoted a specific engine speed where this occurs. My 2017 is very smooth...
  18. Longdog Cymru

    Let’s see your Dog!

    The Brindle colour in greyhounds was introduced by Lord Orford in the mid to late 1700s. He wanted his coursing greyhounds to be stronger and have more bone due to the demands of coursing so he introduced a Bulldog x Greyhound. Of course, the resulting dogs were crossed back with Greyhounds but...
  19. Longdog Cymru

    Let’s see your Dog!

    There is only about 1/16th SBT in there otherwise it would be too heavy, too much bone. He is the smallest Lurcher I have ever had, weighing in at 20kgs, about 44 lbs. I have owned, worked and raced Lurchers and Greyhounds since 1979. During the 80’s, I had a big Lurcher dog, close on 85 lbs, he...
  20. Longdog Cymru

    Let’s see your Dog!

    Here's my dog, his name is Lucky. He's a Lurcher, which is a Greyhound cross and mine is Greyhound x Whippet x Staffordshire Bull Terrier