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  1. stomp347

    White 10 in Ct

    In Suffield Ct around 4pm on Rt 75. Looked like you were on a mission!!
  2. stomp347

    SOLD***Saddlemen Adventure Tour Seat Low

    Excellent condition. I used it for 2,500 miles, better than stock, but still not for me. 250.00 or BRO shipped CONUS.
  3. stomp347

    Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

    Looking to buy a pair of Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds. Anyone have them? If so, what kind. I only need them for a few times a year, so I was thinking about heading over to WalMart.
  4. stomp347

    Hi, new member here...

    Been lurking for a few years now. I will be getting my new ST this Friday. Found a great deal on a leftover 13 (really wanted the white) I'm new to the forum, but have read through posts for the last month. I currently own 08 FZ1, pretty much build to the hill, and wanted to start enjoying a...