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  1. Z00KA

    Denali SoundBomb not working!

    Got cut off in traffic the other day and when I went to use my Denali SoundBomb to let him know that I wasn't happy (the very reason I bought the thing)....NOTHING, NADDAH, ZIP!!! OK, where should I start? Thanks!
  2. Z00KA

    Turn Signal Replacement

    What are you guys using for replacement turn signals? Noticed my front right banging around in the slip-stream during my morning commute on my '13 today. Recommended sources? Is it a good DIY project? Thanks
  3. Z00KA

    So Embarrassed - Rookie Mistake

    Did a really dumb stunt over the weekend...Oil change time and had my socket wrench set to tighten instead of, well you know. Cranked on the drain bolts (yes both of them), thinking "wow, they are in there tight...), broke them free but in the wrong direction, THEN I figured out why they...
  4. Z00KA

    8 April 17 - Hill Country Strom-Tenere-BMW-KTM-Kawa Group Ride Pictures!

    For those who were in attendance at the recent (8 & 9 Apr 17) Hill County - "Strom-Tenere-BMW-KTM-Versys" group ride...I've located the web-site of a photographer who was set up on the side of one of those great, twisty roads. You have to do a little searching for them, but there are about 5 of...
  5. Z00KA

    My New Lid - ScorpionExo EXO-At950

    I've been looking for a replacement for my GMax 54 Modular after 5 years of some "wear and tear". I knew I wanted a modular due to the fact that I enjoy flipping everything up on those hot and humid days of South Texas. I run a MadStad bracket, and winglets on my '13, so buffeting has never...
  6. Z00KA

    Neoprene Fork Covers?

    Anyone have a good source for a set of neoprene fork covers? I think they use zip ties to secure to top and bottom of fork. Thanks
  7. Z00KA

    Just "Pulled the Pin" - Sena S20's

    Amazon had a pretty good deal on a pair of Sena S20's, (one for me and one for the wife) so I "pulled the pin" and get to play with them over the weekend! Sold her on the idea of being able to communicate without lifting the shields on our full-face helmets, and me "craning" my neck...
  8. Z00KA

    Personalized S10

    Found what I think is a pretty nifty way of personalizing my S10... Got mine at
  9. Z00KA

    2013 ST - STEALTH

    I have a 13 ST "Stealth"...or what I call it anyway. My reason?...If one is not familiar with the Yamaha "crossed tuning forks", you wouldn't have any idea of the manufacturer. There is no "Yamaha" (except for the barely noticeable right side cover) engine output (1200cc), etc. Since I...
  10. Z00KA

    Is It Just My Imagination?....

    :question:...or does my 13 ST with the MadStad Bracket (with stock windshield), look oddly familiar to the alien in Independence Day?
  11. Z00KA

    To Plug or Not...

    :'( - I was out "piddling" on my new to me 2013 ST and discovered I have an embedded nail in my rear tire...ughhhhh! So, what's the consensus...should I take it to a shop to see if they'll do it (some shops throw out the liability issue in case is fails) or should I save time an money and...
  12. Z00KA

    S O L D ! - 30 liter Yamaha Hard Tail Bag

    I have a 30 liter, Yamaha Hard Tail Bag with mounting plate and hardware for sale. Retails for $100...$50 and you pay the shipping. Big enough to hold one full face helmet. This came off a 2013 Tenere' that I purchased. I don't need it due to installing my 55 liter Givi Tailbag. The Tail...
  13. Z00KA

    2012/2013 ST Service Manual (Tech Spark Studio)

    I just received my DVD 2012/2013 Super Tenere' Service Manual from [DELETED - CW]. ::012:: WOW...some really "big head" stuff, but really glad to have it. Not too bad at $14.95, and extremely in-depth. Nice to have the capability of printing off any page(s) needed, and when the page gets all...
  14. Z00KA

    MadStad with Stock Windshield

    ::006::Recently installed the MadStad windshield bracket utilizing the stock windshield. I have it set in the high position on the bracket with an angle towards the rider. Really can tell the difference from just the stock shield/bracket setup. Much smoother air flow and now the wind is...
  15. Z00KA

    New member in south Texas

    New Tenere owner here. Picked up a "new to me" 2013 Tenere and after riding it approximately 5 hours from San Antonio, TX, decided I needed a windshield "improvement", so I researched and decided on the Mad Stad bracket (with attachement bar) and really love the difference it makes. I'm coming...