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    Do you still have the exhaust? If so do you know if it will fit a 2016?

    Do you still have the exhaust? If so do you know if it will fit a 2016?
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    Heads up, now that the Super Tenere has reached the end of production.

    Where do you see end of life? The 2021 Tenere is already listed on the Canadian Yamaha page. I have heard it is in Europe.
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    ECU Flash / Tuning in Southern Ontario

    Looking to get mine flashed as well. Either I will make a trip down to the GTA or I may just get a Flashtune ECU Kit from
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    Comments on my S10 after it's first 400 miles, coming from a FJ-09(with some Versys 1k comments)

    I had the same Versys 650 also in Lime Green. Loved the bike in town. Super flickable and handled incredible. Distance touring It was either I replace the suspension or get the S10. I went with the S10. The rear shock was like a pogo stick. Other than that it was an amazing bike truly liked it a...
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    How old are you Super Ten rider?

    Had my S10 for three years now. I am 34. Grew up on dirt bikes, had sport bikes, Love the ADV style bikes.
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    Super Tenere Recall - Front brake switch

    Not sure if this has been covered yet. I received a letter from Yamaha Canada Corp. Regarding the front brake switch being defective and recalled. This is very convenient because mine went bad early last summer and it keeps disabling my cruise control. I have been band-aid fixing it since by...
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    WTB Slip-On Exhaust, Yamaha OEM Pannier Bags, AUX Lights

    I am looking for a slip on exhaust for my 2016 XT1200. Please let me know what you have and cost. I am in Ontario Canada. I am also looking for Yamaha OEM pannier bags and AUX Lights. Chris.
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    Pro Taper Evo Adventure Standard Height

    Has anyone put Any aftermarket bars that aren't the pro taper evo 'HIGH" ? If so did you need any cable or line extensions?
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    Pro Taper Evo Adventure Standard Height

    I am looking into getting the evo bars in standard height as I don't think the high version will be suitable for me as I am 5'9". I have searched this forum but everyone seems to go with the high version of these bars. Does anyone know if the standard height evo bars need extended lines or...
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    Bike Insurance in Ontario

    I pay 5240 a year for the house, two newer vehicles, and my s10. Horrible. Mind you the rates were pretty much the same when I lived in Alberta. zero tickets, clean record, no claims.
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    Getting Ready?

    Kruzzin5 that's a sharp looking S10!
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    How important is how long a tire lasts?

    Sure, I'll Bite. Oh so many tire choices, so many oil choices, etc. I'm going to step out of the box for a second and state this; If you really stop and think about it, you realize it doesn't matter what tire you pick on the S10. Get some Michelin PR4 or anakee adventures and give them to pro...
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    Getting Ready?

    Good to know. Yea I heard under 6C rubber gets a bit slippy unless you have a tire with silica.
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    If it ever happens again (maybe once every 5 years) just hold the throttle wide open and crank it. It will start. Happens to more bikes than just the S10 (fuel injected).
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    Getting Ready?

    Not bad at all! I'm just west of Ottawa but the temps are still too cold.
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    Today I passed a Harley

    Very true, they usually buy them to get to the closest Tim Hortons to stand in the parking lot.( a Canadian thing,)
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    Today I passed a Harley

    I have never heard of or seen a Harley ever that could beat a Yamaha BW50 at either cornering or even the straights. they make 9700cc V-Twins and only put out 11 Horsepower.. Incredible how you can make an engine so big perform so poorly that a weed eater puts out better HP curves.
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    Getting Ready?

    As we have all seen in Canada by now, riding season is around the corner. What are us northern riders doing to get ready for the season? Post pics of new mods\tires\windscreens or even graphics or just say what city and province your from. I personally picked up a new seat, windshield...
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    Life! (corona virus, non informative, non hysterical post)

    Taking necessary precautions, I agree is something we should all do for the greater good of all of us and health. Buying unnecessary items that are NOT required to sanitize for this outbreak is simply the sheep following each other off the cliff. People, especially in large urban areas are the...
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    Life! (corona virus, non informative, non hysterical post)

    because they lack the brain cells to figure that out. That's the honest truth.