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  1. RonH

    Harmonizer tool possibly to be available again

    Anyone that missed out on a great tool, apparently it's close to be ready to be reproduced. I love mine.
  2. RonH

    what's the highest temp you've seen on the display?

    Kind of boring, so sorry, but today while riding in heavy traffic, saw air temp of 127 degrees. I think that is the highest I've ever seen while actually riding. I realize the air temp is effected by other factors, so not accurate, but I was getting a little on the warm side. :)
  3. RonH

    Original Bridgestones thin carcass?

    I have 800 miles on my new 17ES and today picked up a rather strange item imbedded in the basically new tire. Am I just unlucky? I wouldn't expect this to penetrate a tire.
  4. RonH

    Finally got my 2017ES

    Wow, what an improvement over my 2012 which I really loved. There have been 3 or 4 years of comments, but I'll add mine. The windshield is much better without a doubt, the engine is much quieter than my 2012 ever was, even though I put in the newer tensioner and clutch basket in it. The stumble...
  5. RonH

    Idle problems, weak battery

    I thought I would throw this out there in case anyone runs into this. I knew my battery was weak, and has been for some time, but since the motorcycle still started I didn't see the need in replacement. The problem I was having was not a big deal but what was happening is each morning after a...
  6. RonH

    New 2014 Kickstands

    I have 2 of the 2014 Aluminum kickstands for sale, part # 2BS-27311-00 for $75.00 each shipped in the USA. These are a nice upgrade to the 2012-2013 and bolt up with existing hardware.
  7. RonH

    Stadium Yamaha into the crapper

    For anyone not aware, it seems likely Stadium Yamaha is no longer a good seller. I ordered a month ago, and others did as well, and all got the same cut and paste lie that Yamaha lost the parts. Now no response to emails, so looks like they take money, but don't deliver parts.
  8. RonH

    Chilly ride to work

    I rode today to work and found out the air temp display only read down to 16F, below that simply says "low". What? They don't think we need to see the temp below this ;D All I can say is the bike is great, those plastic guards over the hands make loads of difference. I even saw another...
  9. RonH

    Great polish for stainless steel and aluminum

    One thing that's bugged me since I got the bike was the stainless steel pipes. Mine had 3 or 4 big blemishes that looked like big finger prints on the head pipes. So I tried Noxon polish, Simichrome, Mothers polish in all different varieties, tried some of my wife's polish for jewelry, even...
  10. RonH

    3 keyed lock cylinders

    Sorry if I'm not all that up on the bike. I opened up the seat and in a plastic bag under there there are 3 key cylinders and I tried my key in them and confirmed yes I have 3 extra key cylinders that turn? what do I do with these?
  11. RonH

    i must be the only one that HATES farkles

    Am I the only one in the universe most likely? I look at the before and after pictures and before is always 500% better at least in looks. Function may be another story, but surely every motorcycle from a 50cc up to 2000cc is not complete junk from the factory??? Not just motorcyles, even truck...
  12. RonH

    Got a blue one ordered

    I'm really excited about this motorcycle. I'm hoping it's something that I like. Right now I have a 2008 Goldwing I just love, but it's no good on gravel <surprise>. I ride it on weekends and on long trips, done a couple 1000 mile days and got my 1500 mile in 24 hr IBA bun burner gold on it...