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  1. CentralCal

    My bikes twin!

    Friday on 395 going north I was going south.
  2. CentralCal

    Spotted pretty blue one on 5 freeway past Castaic

    So rare when I see one. I get excited and jealous as I was stuck in my tin can. Was going up the hill past Castaic today around 5PM.
  3. CentralCal

    Maybe spotted?

    My son said he saw a white Tenere yesterday at Carrizo Plains. If anyone's in the area I would recommend a ride there. Pretty flowers. I'll be out there this weekend. ::021::
  4. CentralCal


    Any inmates going on this trip or have been in the past.Looks like fun.
  5. CentralCal

    Still haven't seen one on the road

    Finally got to go for a ride today after 2 weeks. ??? Stopped at the 49ergrill in Acton. As I was parking a young boy leaving said "nice bike I want one like that" and of course that made me smile. As I walked in a guy said "I used to have one like that". Thinking that he might be thinking it...
  6. CentralCal

    Another newbie

    Greetings all. Picked up my S10 about 3 weeks ago. Found a new 2013 and kinda like the white yamaha "retro" look. Now that the kids are grown figured I'd get back to riding. Past bikes were 900 Kawasaki (before the kids), a few others and last bike was a Yamaha XT 350. Grew fond of the dual...