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  1. Don in Lodi

    Big quake

    Take care everybody In Central Idaho.
  2. Don in Lodi

    Rawhide Road, Jamestown California

    Four Tenere passed each other today. My Grey and a buddy's Red passed a Red and a Tan. It was cool to see TWO Tenere out enjoying the day.
  3. Don in Lodi

    Volcano Ca

    Charcoal ES outside the St George about 3:30. Beautiful day for a ride.
  4. Don in Lodi

    A Tan on Rt128

    Going west on 128 just out of Cloverdale about 11:30. First Tan I've seen in the wild.
  5. Don in Lodi

    Foresthill, CA

    Saw a black on Foresthill Rd about 2:30 yesterday. Still such a rare sight to see.
  6. Don in Lodi

    6/10, Burney Ca

    A gloss black two up west bound 299 through Burney. I waved through the hotel window...
  7. Don in Lodi

    Tesla in space

    Anybody see the images of Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster in orbit? Absolutely Outstanding!! Live streaming just ended a few minutes ago. I wonder if the final stage just fired... ::26::
  8. Don in Lodi

    Parts fiche

    Does anybody know what heading to find the side air wings # on the part fiche? They're not listed under Windshield... Looking for the '14+, not that that should matter for the heading.
  9. Don in Lodi

    Revzilla ad

    LOL, tonight's 'Zilla ad has a picture of the back end of three Gen II Ténéré going away from the camera wearing novelty California plates, ALPHA, WEARWLF, and FANG. ::26::
  10. Don in Lodi

    Grey in Sutter Hill

    He was out running with a pack of orange bikes of some sort. Hope he had a great day, I did. ::26::
  11. Don in Lodi

    WTB Rear Caliper

    Anybody got a salvage that still has a rear caliper and mount? I managed to neglect doing something, even though I just replaced the rotor, pads, and tire. Pads went metal to metal, scored the rotor bad, and somehow destroyed the caliper. There are chunks of the caliper missing! Sheesh. Yamaha...
  12. Don in Lodi

    Virginia City Bound

    This afternoon I saw a loaded White just going into the round-a-bout east of 395 on 341, as I came out the other side. Rider was all Hi-Viz. No place to turn around and give chase for a ways. Anybody headed through there, the concrete of that round-a-bout has gotten a hi polish on it, slicker...
  13. Don in Lodi

    Jesse sale price

    Wandered through the Jesse website. Some luggage is marked down a goodly sum, almost $300. Thought somebody might be interested. ::001::
  14. Don in Lodi

    Found; AltRider Pillion Rack

    Decided you weren't going to use it? I'll take it. Black preferable. Even trade you for my Touratech Pillion Rack in silver.
  15. Don in Lodi

    NorCal Polar Bear, Jan 1 2016

    I haven't looked at the forecast, is anybody going for a ride Friday?
  16. Don in Lodi

    Something to check for

    Our fuel tanks have those nifty plastic trim pieces along the tank edges as protection and camouflage... all y'all need to peel the lower ones off and inspect for rust. I was not expecting that. :o
  17. Don in Lodi

    Fuel Pump R&R

    Anybody pull the fuel pump assembly out of the tank? I know somebody has, couldn't find it. What's it take to get the sender out of there? The fuel level sensor tabbed onto the side of the thing is seriously in the way. Come on, I know it's got to be a simple trick... ::010::
  18. Don in Lodi

    New Years Ride permitting. Anybody NorCal, or anywhere for that matter, planning on getting out and about on the 1st?
  19. Don in Lodi

    Motorcycle Of The Year @ Rider Magazine

    Head on over to and vote and say a few words if you think the '14 should be the next MOTY.
  20. Don in Lodi

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter, all y'all. Why's it so quiet around here? ::26:: ::018:: ::003:: ... ::002:: ?