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  1. Abercrombie tenere

    Black Hills Yamaha Super Tenere Rendezvous July 22nd - 25th, 2021 - Custer Crazy Horse Campground, Custer SD

    This post will be updated regularly as more plans and information develop. What: 2021 Yamaha Super Tenere Rendezvous When: July 22nd - 25th, 2021 Where: Custer Crazy Horse Campground 1116 N 5th St Custer, SD 57730 Reservations...
  2. Abercrombie tenere

    2021 Black Hills Super Tenere rally poll 2.0 redo

    Since I messed up on my first attempt at this poll, the forum moderators granted mercy on me, deleted my poll, and gave me a second chance to fix my errors. For those that have already voted, please read carefully as I have made some corrections to the incorrect information on these two...
  3. Abercrombie tenere

    test poll

    Newby Test poll
  4. Abercrombie tenere

    Aerostitch Darien Pants 36 Long $300.00 OBO SOLD!

    I have a pair of Aerostitch Darien pants for sale size 36 long. They are in like new condition with no visible blemishes or signs of wear. I'm guessing I've wore them about 10 times. I bought them a few years ago with the intention of buying a matching Darien jacket but I started drinking the...
  5. Abercrombie tenere

    Little brother for the Tenere

    I took the Tenere to Baja California last month for a nice 2400 mile loop. On the way home I stopped into a Beta dealer in loveland CO to take a look at the Beta 500 RR-S. I've been lusting after a KTM 500 EXC or a Husky 501 when I became aware of the Beta 500. I liked what I read about the...
  6. Abercrombie tenere

    Baja California

    When I watched the promotional videos for the new Yamaha Super Tenere 5 years ago I dreamt of owning one and taking it on adventures like this. Next month I'll be leaving frigid North Dakota to ride this dream ride with a good friend from South Dakota and 3 others. Anyone have any advice on...
  7. Abercrombie tenere

    Rear shock collapses and bike bottoms out.

    So I took the 2013 Tenere purchased November of 14 with 9000 miles on it to a FJR rally in Montrose CO last week because I wanted to do some light off road riding on Cinnamon Pass of the Alpine loop. On my way home last Monday as I am crossing South Dakota I notice that my Tenere is bottoming...
  8. Abercrombie tenere


    Has anyone ever purchased anything from Biker-Land.DE? They seem to have great prices and the shipping is fair priced from Germany. I am looking at a pair of boots that are about $240.00 less than other retailers. It seems too good to be true.
  9. Abercrombie tenere

    What happened to Tengai

    Does anybody know Tengai from the forum? It looks like he is from BC Canada. He had a Parabellum windshield for sale and we agreed on a price and then correspondence dropped off. Our last communication was on Aug 6th and the forum shows he last visited on the 7th. I am worried something has...
  10. Abercrombie tenere

    South Dakota Adventure Loop Has anyone tried the South Dakota Adventure Loop on a Tenere yet? It sounds like a heck of a good idea for a regional group ride. I have no past off road experience so I have been taking it slow with the Tenere. I will be picking up a XR650L tomorrow and...
  11. Abercrombie tenere

    Looking for a great deal on 2014 Tenere or Tenere ES in grey

    My dealer is not coming through with finding me a 2013 Tenere to replace the one I totaled last month on a deer strike. Does anyone have a line on a killer priced new 2014 Tenere or ES for sale in your area for a fly and ride. There is none available in ND.
  12. Abercrombie tenere

    Took the Tenere out dear hunting Sunday morning

    It was a beautiful September Sunday morning for a nice Tenere ride to teach motorcycle school yesterday. The glorious morning was shattered when a whitetail doe appeared out of nowhere in front of my Tenere. Before I had a chance to roll off the throttle, or touch a brake, I hit and killed the...
  13. Abercrombie tenere

    Who needs a Tenere?
  14. Abercrombie tenere

    First Ride on the Tenere in Texas Hill Country

    Loading up The Tenere and going to Koyote RV park near Medina TX Friday morning for some riding in the Texas Hill Country. Looking forward to trying out the new S10 since I've never owned a bike quite like this before. First Tenere ride impressions and Texas ride report to follow. Can't wait...
  15. Abercrombie tenere

    New to adventure touring

    I just brought home a hold over 2012 Tenere on Friday and can't wait for Feburary to haul it to Texas for some riding in the Hill country. I'm new to adventure touring and have never owned a dirt bike or enduro so I will be scouring the forum learning how to equip the bike. Some of my first...