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  1. Longdog Cymru

    Givi Airflow vs Stock Screen

    OK, so this may be a little late in coming to the party, but I have literally just found this on YouTube. It is a direct comparison between a Givi Airflow screen and the stock Yamaha Super Tenere screen and I thought it may be of interest to anyone thinking of changing the stock screen.
  2. Longdog Cymru

    Sequential LED kit

    Saw this and thought it may be of interest,
  3. Longdog Cymru

    Front brake switch recall in Europe

    Apologies for posting it sideways but I am not sure how to correct it. This arrived in the post this morning.
  4. Longdog Cymru

    New Suzuki motors under development?

    Looks like Suzuki are going to revisit a previous project of a parallel twin motor.
  5. Longdog Cymru

    Bimota maybe?

    Well this has been a busy weekend! Saw a white and red S10 heading up the valley towards Pontardawe on the A4067 at about 12:300 this afternoon, I wondered if it was Bimota?
  6. Longdog Cymru

    Owl’s Nest, Llandovery today

    You were riding a blue S10, (with blue front mudguard), I was also on a blue S10 but with black front mudguard. I spotted you as you were leaving around 2:30 x 2:45 ish
  7. Longdog Cymru

    Today between Llandovery and Sennybridge

    You were 2 up and heading towards Llandovery and I was riding in the opposite direction towards Sennybridge at about 2:25pm
  8. Longdog Cymru

    SuperTen, to change or not to change?

    Well I have had my 2017 SuperTen for 2 years now and I have done a few epic trips on it, but.......! I guess it all started when I saw the new BMW F900XR. I booked a test ride but along came Corvid-19 and the Lockdown and I never got my test ride. During Lockdown I started thinking, always a...
  9. Longdog Cymru


    Just wondering if anyone on here has fitted a BoosterPlug to their S10 and if so, are you happy with it?
  10. Longdog Cymru

    Cool Covers

    Anyone had any experience asa user of this product?
  11. Longdog Cymru

    Cut-down screen anyone?

    I have tried the stock SuperTen screen in each of it’s positions, I have added a Laminar Lip and most recently, I have removed the Laminar Lip and fitted one of those Chinese knock-off adjustable spoilers to the top of my stock screen. So far, the best solution has been the Chinese knock-off...
  12. Longdog Cymru

    Which is the best rear hugger?

    The question is in the title, which is the best rear hugger, which one have you fitted and are you happy with it?
  13. Longdog Cymru

    Was it you?

    Was it you riding a stealth black SuperTen across to Portland Island today around 12:30pm?
  14. Longdog Cymru

    The Top 5 most reliable motorcycle brands

    I just watched this video on YouTube, I guess most of you have already seen it but it was news to me.
  15. Longdog Cymru

    Givi Airflow, who has got one?

    Does anyone on here have a Givi Airflow screen on their Suprt Ten? If you do, let me know what you think of it please.
  16. Longdog Cymru

    Modes, S and T, my thoughts.

    Well, I am 1000 miles into my first big trip on my (new to me), Super Ten, so that’s halfway for this trip around Holland, Germany and a little bit of Poland. When I bought my Super Ten two months ago, I tried the S and T modes and decided that I preferred the S mode. However, on the second day...
  17. Longdog Cymru

    Recommendation screen to me

    I had a Givi Airflow on my Versys 1000, pretty effective but looked like it had been hit with an ugly stick and before that, I fitted a Vstream to the ST1300 that I owned back then, so good quality and again, pretty effective. So my loyalty is split between these with the Vstream leading on...
  18. Longdog Cymru

    Canectomy anyone?

    When I owned my Buell Ulysses, a popular mod was was opening up the exhaust can, removing the yards of tubing inside and replacing with a few staggered plate baffles. As there appears to be a few used end cans around, I was wondering if anyone has performed a “canectomy” on a Super Ten end can...
  19. Longdog Cymru

    Bar end weights......

    I have a set of Oxford Heated Grips that I am trying to fit to my Gen 2. My question is how do I remove the bar end weights in order to remove the stock grips and fit the Oxford grips? Has Yamaha used some kind of glue or locktite to retain the weights? I am struggling to remove them and to be...
  20. Longdog Cymru

    Was it you?

    I was in Aberystwyth on Wednesday, 15th. August when I spotted my very first Super Ten in the wild since buying my own bike. It was a white one and it was with another bike, (maybe a Triumph?), but whatever, it was the first Super Ten I have seen since joining this rather exclusive club!