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  1. brianhen

    Saddlebags and Customer Service

    So I just wanted to vent a little here, I have been an avid Yamaha fan / customer for several years. I have owned a Stryker, Raider, Stratoliner (still have that) and now a 2017 Super Tenere. I do love the bike but there are some things that make me question what Yamaha was thinking. So...
  2. brianhen

    Pennsylvania S10 rider in Rocky Harbour Newfoundland

    I was in Rocky Harbour Newfoundland a couple weeks ago and ran into a guy from Pennsylvania riding a S10 and his buddy was on a BMW. Myself and a buddy were both on S10 .....he had a very cool bike and custom made crash bars....just wanted to say hey.
  3. brianhen

    LED lights mounted

    So I have my new 2017 Ivory S10......well it was time to mount some extra lights. These are by Blazer International. Bought them at Canadian Tire. For those to the south that's a kinda hardware/automotive store up here in Canada. Never the less I used a fairly substantial piece of 90 degree...
  4. brianhen

    2017 S10

    Well I just picked up my 2017 Ivory S10 last week, Still have the Stratoliner, but have to say I do love the S10. Been riding for 4 years now and spent the early years riding dirt bikes. A few days ago I did 400km some on gravel and must say the S10 was awesome. Kinda like a big dirt bike...
  5. brianhen

    HEED Crash Bars

    I just bought a 2017 Ivory Super Tenere, Love the bike, was wanting to know if anyone has installed a set of the HEED crash bars......I email the company and inquired about fitment on a 2017, they replied they don't fit. My thought is the ad on ebay says fits 2010 to change as far...