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  1. sblissner

    ES model rear spring upgrade spacers

    The purpose of this thread is to gage interest in top and bottom spacers to facilitate increasing the spring rate on ES models. I would be having a local machine shop make a lower spacer per Karl's drawing and an upper spacer similar to the Racetech piece, shown by Super08 earlier in this...
  2. sblissner

    Super Tenere, 2014, cruise control fixed?

    I have been watching this site and i"ve read a number of threads about cruise control issues. In my case the cruise would work fine for a while, in fact one day it was fine for an entire 300 mile day. Generally however after a few miles the ON indicator will begin flashing indicating a...
  3. sblissner

    Sold. AltRider skid plater, Super Tenere, all years. Nashville, TN

    I have for sale a good, used AltRider skid plate from a 2014 Super Tenere. Fits all years. I recently cleaned it up and gave it a coat of paint. No holes, no broken welds, all brackets straight and in tact. Currently reinstalled on my bike until it sells. I'm in the market for something...