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    I just sent in my renewal last week, since my expiration is next month. I don't anticipate much travel fro the rest of teh year, but figured better to do it now, rather than in a rush if needed. I also have the Global Entry. There were 2 main benefits for me: 1) Known Traveler Number and 2)...
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    The anything thread.

    And what would the title of this first series be?
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    Clutch Cover Gasket

    I have a new unused clutch cover gasket available. I bought this when I upgraded the basket on my Gen 1 bike, and didn't need it. $20 shipped via USPS flat rate envelope.
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    5 factors affecting daily mileage

    My Saddle Sore ride was Phoenix to Vegas to Denver, on the Tenere (I still had my 2008 FJR at the time, but knew the Tenere was a better choice). Odometer mileage was 1066, and I did it in about 17 hours, and could have gone longer! I even stopped for reasonable lunch and dinner breaks...
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    Howdy from AZ!

    It really feels like the Tenere is made for AZ. I was living in Phoenix when I got mine, and really tried to get out and explore as much of the state as possible.
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    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

    I once lived in a house as a kid that did not have central heat, and winters would easily get down into the 30s. We had one of these freestanding models at one end of the house, and an insert in the original fireplace in the other. Our first night in the house was just before Christmas, and...
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    Tool list...

    Some good advice here. Another one I've seen is to buy tools at Harbor Freight. Yes they are cheap, yes they may break. But if you are just getting started with tools, you will quickly figure out which ones you use the most, and can always upgrade those tools when you can afford to do so.
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    Will you take the vaccine

    CW has given a warning...any further political discussions about the vaccine in this thread will result in a time out from the forum.
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    Hand Guard Extensions - 3D printing

    All taken care of :)
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    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

    You can no longer cross the border in the Imperial Sand Dunes, there is actually a fence that looks like an iron centipede. It's been there for a while now. Dumont is great, and you have a good shot of the razor back nature of most of the dunes as you make the turn at the top. My very first...
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    ES front shocks not rising

    Doesn’t seem to be. Welcome aboard Philtoni! It does help to include your location in your profile, as there are variations in the bikes depending on where in the world you are. Here in the US, for example, the yellow 60th anniversary editions were not offered with the ES option. This is a...
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    Electric vehicles, batteries, and myth busting

    Eric hit a couple of points that the pandemic is really bringing close to home as well: living closer to where you work. With the shift to Work From Home (WFH), many companies will give up their (expensive) office spaces in favor of WFH where it makes sense. Most of my work for the last 9...
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    How old are you Super Ten rider?

    There are actually 3 ages: chronological age, physical age and mental age.
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    Electric vehicles, batteries, and myth busting

    Infrastructure is certainly the biggest hurdle to widespread adoption. I had a chance to drive the preproduction Mustang Mach E last year when I took a job as a test driver, and there really is no comparison between ICE and EV. The hardest part for me was that we were assigned a set route...
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    Electric vehicles, batteries, and myth busting

    I didn't see any hardware that indicates the front wheel is driven, so in that regard its more like the old Yamaha Big Wheel or Honda Fat Cat.
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    Recent spam posts: what's the goal?

    I can't say why we have been targeted, but I'm now looking at all posters who skip the introduction section and post straight into a thread. As always, if you see something, say something (report it), since we can't be here all the time.
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    So I went to bed last night...

    It's not your posts :)
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Thanks for sharing StephanSF! While I don't have my Tenere any more, I am interested in finding places to explore that I can take my Tacoma. Plus my wife has expressed interest in seeing Death Valley...
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    Front brake light switch/cruise issue

    You said it better than I did...the 12 and 13 models have a different switch which is not part of the recall.
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    Front brake light switch/cruise issue

    Since the switch issues are related to the cruise control function, the US 12 and 13 models would not be part of it.