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  1. CentralCal

    My bikes twin!

    Friday on 395 going north I was going south.
  2. CentralCal

    New Guy From Socal

    Welcome from Frazier Park,Ca ::004::
  3. CentralCal

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Hearing about the cold everywhere I was fortunate to get to ride this long weekend. In California we get taxed to death and I envy those of you with nice campgrounds by a lake or stream. This was leaving Ojai on the 33 toward Lockwood and as you can see the fire destroyed what little shade we...
  4. CentralCal

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Best $15 farkle yet. Throttle go or something like that. Works better than I expected and keeps the speed pretty consistent. Not factory cruise but I'm happy with it. Oh and heated grips too! Straightened the pics so you all don't crick your necks :D
  5. CentralCal

    windshield riding, whats your style?

    The Tenere was the first bike I ever had with a windshield. When I first rode it the buffeting drove me crazy. Replaced the stock with a 21" windstream added the winglets and it's perfect for me now. I'm 6' and the shield is right at my nose level. If it's raining I can duck down a little. Works...
  6. CentralCal

    New bike, New member from Sunny Southern California

    Welcome from Frazier Park,Ca ::004::
  7. CentralCal

    SoCal check in!

    Still in Frazier Park. Lots of great riding here.
  8. CentralCal

    YouTube Videos on the Super Tenere

    Re: YouTube Video introducing the 2014 Tenere I had to buy her a diamond ring too, to get her to say yes. A little sacrifice but it is worth it. A diamond ring? I'd say you're crazy but what do I know I'm divorced ::)
  9. CentralCal

    Spotted pretty blue one on 5 freeway past Castaic

    So rare when I see one. I get excited and jealous as I was stuck in my tin can. Was going up the hill past Castaic today around 5PM.
  10. CentralCal

    Maybe spotted?

    I have no idea. Getting information from your kids is the same as a wife.
  11. CentralCal

    Maybe spotted?

    My son said he saw a white Tenere yesterday at Carrizo Plains. If anyone's in the area I would recommend a ride there. Pretty flowers. I'll be out there this weekend. ::021::
  12. CentralCal

    My name is Chris, and I bought another motorcycle.

    Welcome,you're going to love the bike. I'm in Frazier Park if you ever head up the mountain. ::021::
  13. CentralCal


    Re: SERVICE MANUAL HARD COPY WANTED This is where I got mine. $40 ::012::
  14. CentralCal

    The coming economy and us

    You have it right. The crap interest rates do suck though. In California the housing prices go up every day and everyone thinks they are rich with their equity.But the housing prices will crash as they always do in cycles and the people that borrowed against the equity to drive the Range Rovers...
  15. CentralCal

    President Elect Trump

    ::026:: ::021::
  16. CentralCal

    How to remove the radiator side cover?

    Thanks to a tip on this forum I bought mine for $40 here: Has pictures and everything :) ::012::
  17. CentralCal

    "Finished" My SuperT - Farkle Content Inside

    Re: "Finished" My SuperT Great work. Would like to know more about the solar panel ::008::
  18. CentralCal

    New windshield!

    There's a thread somewhere showing them cooking windshields in the oven and molding them. I hope that they are still married. My ex would have killed me ??? ::021::