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  1. brianhen

    Has anyone ever tried a givi xs320 tank bag on a tenere?

    I have the Givi XS308 as well and I also put a strip of 3m clear on the tank to protect paint. The tank bag is great and the mounting system is slicker than whale snot in an ice flow! I will say the zipper on the bag did not hold up well, mine has started to tear apart, otherwise great piece...
  2. brianhen

    How does a premium GPS compare to the Nav6

    I thought I would chime in here on the discussion regarding GPS. I have the 2017 S10, I mounted a Garmin 61 LM I guess it is....I bought it at Costco. Now for the fun part. Prior to using, I ran a thin bead of silicone around the edge of the screen and around the power supply (Can still...
  3. brianhen

    Aux Lighting Socket Socket

    Hey Watty100, I was just reading your post about the wiring and was wondering why you would use that plug for heated grips. There are two plugs there on the right side specifically for heated grips, its plug and play. Once plugged in the computer recognizes the install and you can control...
  4. brianhen

    Tuktoyaktuk June 2018 " Tenere Trio "

    I left Winnipeg on the 14th of June made it to Dawson on the 17th and then up to Tuktoyaktuk on the 18th. The Dempster was quite the ride that's for sure. First half was good dry and smooth. The second half was good with the exception of some construction that was wet and down right scary to...
  5. brianhen

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    All in one day the most northern point in the contiguous USA and the centre of Canada
  6. brianhen

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Took my s10 a couple of places very nice ride
  7. brianhen

    Skid Plate Questions

    For the original poster regarding crash bars and skid plate, I wanted to share my experience with a company in Poland for crash bars... HEED. They are very well made and shipping to Canada was reasonable.. I'm in Winnipeg. The skid plate I went with was Ravetech out of Tialand it is super well...
  8. brianhen

    Saddlebags and Customer Service

    Yeah I was hoping that they would go to bat for me and make this happen. More over I've waited since the end of June or beginning of July for a response... I thought wow all summer the entire peak riding season here with a pannier strapped on my bike because of a broken mount...
  9. brianhen

    Saddlebags and Customer Service

    Yeah they are garbage to say the least. So far my dealer has said Yamaha Canada will not stand behind this product and warranty it, even though it was only two weeks out of warranty.... I emailed Yamaha Canada myself and they have said they will look into it... I won't hold my breath.
  10. brianhen

    IMS 8.0Gal Rally Tank

    I would be in for one as well.....
  11. brianhen

    Saddlebags and Customer Service

    I can try to take a picture when I get home from work....
  12. brianhen

    Saddlebags and Customer Service

    Hey Gv550 yes I did clean the seal with a seal saver, I would say by the time I got to clean it all the fluid had leaked out. It was really pouring out there for a bit, literally dripping off the brake caliper. I have since replaced the seal. It was a pita to do and had to make a couple of...
  13. brianhen

    Saddlebags and Customer Service

    I have checked that .....had it all apart when I changed the thermostat. Again these fluctuations are too quick and random to be actual changes in temp. I am ordering a new sensor and that should rectify the issue.
  14. brianhen

    Saddlebags and Customer Service

    I was in Tuk June 18th and 19th, I got stranded there on the 18th due to rain and the road went to crap. Impassive that last 20km of clay when wet.
  15. brianhen

    Saddlebags and Customer Service

    OldRider, now your talking....I know what I am gonna do as well. As luck would have it I ma very close to the US border and I will be ordering one tootsweet. I'll install it myself and I ma pretty confident that it will solve the issue.
  16. brianhen

    Headlight Modulator debate. Modulator or no modulator.

    The report that EricV talks about in his reply to this original post is called the HURT report. the author William Hurt did a pretty big study on motorcycle accidents in California and although the report is very old there was some very useful information in the report. I agree with EricV...
  17. brianhen

    Saddlebags and Customer Service

    Again I rode the bike in every type of condition for 20000km and I know that the temp would stay constant at 78 degrees, yes it would change with riding conditions such as riding trails and slow speed city riding. or very hot days it would climb a bit. This is none of those conditions. I can...
  18. brianhen

    Saddlebags and Customer Service

    With regard to the argument that the temp fluctuations are a result of the thermostat opening, why would this not occur for the first 20000km and then one day suddenly occur. also why would the temp go from 71 to 84 in 2 seconds. I was originally thinking it was a bad thermostat that was...
  19. brianhen

    Saddlebags and Customer Service

    With regard to the temp gauge I'm guessing you didn't read or perhaps I wasn't clear. It doesn't just move a degree or two. One second its at 84 then 71, then 78 then 81 then 71 and so on and so on.....No its not over heating. The concern is that the fuel injection uses temp readings to...