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  1. Xclimation

    High mileage Gen2.5

    Congrats on the new to you bike! Looks to be in great condition! If your talking about the header studs/bolts and nuts....they seem to get that way on most motorcycles. In my opinion, It can be good to have back up ones. It will only be a problem if you replace the headers or take them off for...
  2. Xclimation

    Harley Pan American coming 2/21/2021

    Personally, I don’t think it looks all that bad.....but....having said that....To me, there aren’t many bikes that I don’t like the look of. I’m not a fan of the bobber style bikes. I have a couple of friends who are Harley salespeople and one of them needed numbers to come to a LiveWire...
  3. Xclimation

    Harley Pan American coming 2/21/2021

    Couple things that stick out to me is the compression ratio of 13 to 1 wondering if it needs premium unleaded with compression that high. Also claiming 46 miles per gallon. I am very suspect of their horsepower numbers. But with high compression like that more than possible.
  4. Xclimation

    Harley Pan American coming 2/21/2021
  5. Xclimation

    buell ...
  6. Xclimation

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    I did the same with mine using the same gutter guard couple years ago and I also did the bottom one with friction fit but it never stays in place and I'm going to come up with a good way to attach it. I was like you that I don't like to drill holes and whatnot
  7. Xclimation

    Dad's bike

    Me in both picture sitting on my dad's Somewhere In the early 70s My Brother and Me in one picture the other with my Mom.
  8. Xclimation

    The new KLR 650 is out!

    Looks like I'm in the minority on this one.......I LOVE IT!!! I was sad when they said they were stopping the KLR a year or 2 ago....Same bike....but with fuel injection, ABS, updated LED lighting, USB ports! I think this is brilliant of Kawasaki! Added 6 or so ft./lb of torque....more hp (sure...
  9. Xclimation

    3DPrinted Extended Hand Guards for the S10! (New clear post)

    Count me in on a pair please...
  10. Xclimation

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    My guess is that bikes are more powerful and weigh more than they used to....And the manufacturers haven't seemed to upgrade bearings for newer bike tolerances? Modern day computerized machining should make better bearings.
  11. Xclimation

    Throttle pinned itself!!!

    On the cruise control something to try....After the reading the trials and tribulations someone went through in the tech section with their cruise control to find out it was a brake switch....and a couple of others who cruise control was not working and replacing brake light switch worked.. Mine...
  12. Xclimation

    Not any bike in particular.

    Wasn't sure where to post this...
  13. Xclimation

    Harley Pan American coming 2/21/2021

    I will say...the writer of the article I posted is definitely an optimist! But it seems the best strategy is to "under promise, over deliver" and that is one thing that sticks out in the article that the writer is speculating on. And based on my observation over the years of Harley's...
  14. Xclimation

    Harley Pan American coming 2/21/2021
  15. Xclimation

    Got my first Triumph

    Congratulations! I have the Bonneville Speedmaster in my father has the Scrambler 1200. Love the look of your bike especially the red color. They are fun and easy bikes to ride just zipping around town even taking a couple of long rides. Just comfortable bikes well-built and maintenance is easy.
  16. Xclimation

    Busted "stay" - plastic bracket holding together dash and windshield

    In reading others’ breaking the past couple of years....I think I’m going to order a backup and look for a lightweight solution to adding some metal bracing.
  17. Xclimation

    Hello from South Carolina

    Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas! My oldest son lives in Sumter! He was stationed at Shaw. He got out and now works civil service at Shaw. Nice place in my opinion! I've been there a couple of times on my Tenere. Son had a Triumph Speedmaster a couple of years ago (which I bought from him.)...
  18. Xclimation

    XT1200 Super Tenere dropped by Yamaha in Europe/UK
  19. Xclimation

    2021 S10's are posted on Yamaha's site.

    A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Yamaha featuring their new 2021 bikes and the 2021 Tenere was listed and shown.