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  1. Roge

    2017 Super Tenere XT1200Z ES Anniversary fully kitted. Australia NSW.

    Near Newcastle
  2. Roge

    Bumot panniers fitted today.

    This morning's little task
  3. Roge

    Jesse Racks - ES / Non ES difference

    What is the difference between the Jesse racks between ES and non ES? Thanks
  4. Roge

    Any other LED lamps fit behind the Cyclops covers?

    That's both my Cyclops Lamps gone good light but an expensive experiment, they weren't the latest 4000 lumens jobs mind. What alternatives fit behind the deep covers?
  5. Roge

    Mastad bracket and GPS

    I would like to mount my Zumo 395 in its TT locking mount. If it's mounted direct to the bar (not on a RAM arm) does it: 1. Vibrate 2. Obscure the indicator tell tale lights I have a gen 2 2016 bike Cheers.
  6. Roge

    MRAVario, Powerbronze Shorty Screens + Winglets AUSTRALIA

    Super Tenere Screens and Winglets: MRA Vario Screen - Dark grey tint. <2014 however is drilled for 2014 + adjustable mount so will fit all years. A$50 Powerbronze short sport screen - Blue tint. <2014 or 2014 onward with adjuster removed. A$50 YAMAHA OEM Winglets for pre 2014 they do fit post...
  7. Roge

    Paris Dakar bikes 1979-1998
  8. Roge

    Touratech screen bracket on a 2016 bike?

    I have a Zumo 395 in a TT locking mount which is not that stable on the standard accessory mount and is even worse when when a RAM mount is used to clear the indicator repeaters. The locking mount mounts across the gps centre line. I still have the the MRA screen from my Gen 1 bike so I'm...
  9. Roge

    Two S10 available.

    Chris Watson Motorcycles in Cessnock NSW has two well equipped 2nd hand Gen 1 Super Teneres in just now. 1 being my old bike I recently part ex'd
  10. Roge

    Anyone mounted a Zumo 395 on a Gen II Bar without vibration issues and how?

    I would like to mount my Zumo 395 on the accessory bar in a TT locking mount. My concerns are vibration and obscuring the indicator repeaters. Has any one done this or do you have to use a RAM arm? Does it work. If it has to go on a RAM arm would it be better on a ball clamped to the handle bars...
  11. Roge

    Procrastination over, deposit down.

    Well I've had an S10 for almost 6 years now and its time for a change. Choice, choices thought about KTM 1190, Triumph Tiger Explorer XC and 800XCA. I Rode the very impressive CRF 1000L Africa Twin ABS and DCT and Tiger 800, I really liked the Africa twin, so I have put down a deposit on a 60th...
  12. Roge

    CHECK photos added - Altrider rear rack: Cracked and Broken

    I "had" a Pelican type case mounted on an Altrider rear rack. The case carried waterproof, jacket liner and tyre pump so not much weight. I spotted that the bottom section that mounts to the bike was cracked between the mounting bolt holes. Removing the case, the bottom part is completely broken...
  13. Roge

    Garmin Zumo 550 with Aus Maps wanted.

    Has anyone got a Garmin Zumo 550 with Australian maps that they are no longer using? Mine has gone U/S after many years of use, I have clamps and locks for one on my bike and as usual it is not a good time to replace all of it.
  14. Roge

    Garmin Zumo 395 or TomTom 400?

    1. Not interested in using a phone or tablet as my navigator/gps. 2. I use a Sena Bluetooth head set. 3. I have music running on longer boring transits, is the 395 bluetoothed audio worth it or use phones MP3 straight to the Sena? 4. I have had a number of Garmin units until my 550 carked it, is...
  15. Roge

    Just doing a walk around the bike and........

    ................ there lying on the floor of the garage 3" from the back wheel is a spoke nipple. A thorough check of the back wheel, nothing missing. Check the front and sure enough there was the dark whole and the end of the spoke. So with a 108km round trip to work the nipple fell of less...
  16. Roge

    Australia Day

    It's Australia Day. Have a good one.
  17. Roge

    Wolfman Hard Luggage adaptor Kits

    Anyone got these lying around/no longer required they are out of stock (read no longer made): Wolfman Luggage - Hard Bag Kit : RHMS STD Cheers Roge
  18. Roge

    Welcome to 2016

    Seeing as we are here first may I welcome the rest of you to the new year.
  19. Roge

    Pelican cases

    Which Pelican cases or combinations there of are any of you guys using? I am thinking of mounting a pair on my Wolfman racks, I can get the adaptors. Are you using the same case both sides, or a slimmer case on the exhaust side? Any thoughts? Cheers
  20. Roge

    TKC 70

    Had the TKC 70s on for 2000km now, I think they are the best tyres I have had on an adventure bike for my usage.