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    Rossi Tests Positive for COVID

    From his official Facebook page: Unfortunately, this morning I woke up and I was not feeling good. My bones were sore and I had a slight fever, so I immediately called the doctor who tested me twice. The ‘quick PCR test’ result was negative, just like the test I underwent on Tuesday. But the...
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    Not a Tenere, but...

    It's going to be a while before I get back on 2 wheels, but I think I now have something that at least feels in the same vein. For the last 6 years, my daily driver was an 05 Ford F250. It had the 6.0 diesel which is a maintenance intensive motor, and I finally came to the point where I felt...
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    MotoGP 2020 Season Salvage

    Just saw part of the interview with Carmelo Ezpeleta; Dorna is targeting an all-European series to start at the end of July and run through November. He also said that may look to leave Europe after November for additional races, but the goal is to have at least 10-12 races for an abbreviated...
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    File Type Test

    File Type Test
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    End of an Era? Quartararo Joins Vinales at Yamaha for 2021-22 Season

    So Fabio will compete this season on the Petronas team to finish his 2 year contract, and will get full factory equipment support as well. Next season he will move up to join Vinales on the main factory team. Rossi has asked to have until the middle of this season to evaluate his future.
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    GPX Files Can Now be Uploaded!

    From requests in the 2020 rally thread, GPX has been added as an approved file type for upload here on the forum!
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    GPX files now an approved type

    testing the upload of a GPX file for track sharing
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    Exit the Warrior

    Ghost rider has moved on:
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    How to reset the ES Suspension

    Copied from another post:
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    MOVED: New 6000K LED Driving Light Kit in exchange for review - buyer pays shipping

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    MOVED: echo four romeo , gone on a greater adventure

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    MOVED: 4S - Go Kot camping cot

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    MOVED: First Shaft Drive, Seal Failing - Can I ride it 1,500 miles?

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    MOVED: Finally! Actually saw a Super Tenere in the wild.

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    MOVED: Differential fluid

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    MOVED: Mass upload to photo albums

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    MOVED: No notification

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    Bruce Brown, Creator of "On Any Sunday" has passed...

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    MOVED: Super Tenere Renewal Fees California

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    MOVED: Cruise Control Problem 2016 Super Tenere

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