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  1. Venture

    Tapatalk installed on T700 Forum

    I finally installed Tapatalk over on the T700 forum. Sorry for the delay.
  2. Venture

    Dumbass Encounter

    Yesterday I'm out for a solo ride, and in 15 years of riding I experienced a new act of idiocy and figured I'd share. It's 6:00PM in deer country (PA) and I'm leisurely strolling along at 45MPH (limit: 40MPH) as I'm about to enter the French Creek State Park are on RT 345. I'm positioned in...
  3. Venture

    Military Charities?

    I'm looking for suggestions on good, legit, military-focused charities of any type. I know of some of the larger ones like Wounded Warrior project but I haven't looked at any in detail. If anybody has any suggestions for a good organization, post up who and why.
  4. Venture

    RAM Quick-Grip with Wireless Charger

    Saw this in a promo email from Twisted Throttle - RAM phone mount with a wireless charger built in. I've been looking for an easy phone mount solution and this might just fit the bill. My Samsung S10e is supposedly waterproof, so this would make it super easy to just pop it in and not have to...
  5. Venture

    Yamaha Tenere 700 Forum Lauched -

    Our new dedicated forum for the Yamaha Tenere 700 has launched: If you or anybody you know has any interest in the Tenere 700, please hop on over and help us build that community. My hope is over time it becomes as great a resource as this forum ha become for the...
  6. Venture

    We've Launched a Dedicated Tenere 700 Forum -!

    Short story: I had some spare time and since I seriously think I may add a Tenere 700 to my stable I started a dedicated forum: I've locked down this board so no new threads can be posted, but I'm leaving open the current threads. If you're interested in the T7...
  7. Venture

    Media Gallery Operational / Big Push for S10 Videos

    If you haven't already noticed, the Media Gallery is up and running. Not all legacy pics from the old site are up yet, but I'm slowly working through all of them. If you have pics that are appropriate for the gallery, feel free to post in the proper section. In my opinion one of the most...
  8. Venture

    24 Hours on the Super Tenere - Video

    If anybody has seen any of Ryan F9's ("Fortnine") videos on Youtube, he did one on the S10 that I thought really nailed exactly what this bike is all about. His content is always top-notch.
  9. Venture

    Test MEdia Gallery Embed

    Testing... Stuff...
  10. Venture

    Something tells me Recapcha is WRONG!

    Pretty sure the correct answer isn't going to win.
  11. Venture

    New Theme - YST Dark

    I created a dark version of the new forum theme. I suggest all those who switched back to the "Shades of Blue" theme try out the new YST Dark. At some point Shades of Blue will be decommissioned, for support and maintainability reasons.
  12. Venture

    Private Conversations vs. Profile Posts

    I see a lot of people seem to be utilizing the Profile Posts option as a type of private messaging. The problem is, Profile posts are completely public, so please don't post anything sensitive on them. The idea behind Profile Posts is to give members a public personal space, like Facebook and...
  13. Venture

    Forum Upgrades 3/16/2020

    I upgraded to the latest version of Xenforo tonight. I also upgraded to the latest version of Tapatalk. A new default theme was installed. I hope folks like it, but if not you can still revert to the original "Shades of Blue" theme by clicking on the theme picker in the bottom left corner of...
  14. Venture

    Need some quick logo art help!

    If anybody is a creative type, I am working on a forum redesign and I need some quick help developing a new text logo. If anybody wants to lend a hand let me know, it would be much appreciated. My creativity only goes so far!
  15. Venture

    The 2021 Yamaha Tenere 700

    I'm *SERIOUSLY* interested in this bike!
  16. Venture

    Forum Update News - 8/10/2018

    So it's been a busy week for us here: 1. Successfully converted SMF to Xenforo. This first step was to re-establish user accounts, and the main forum data (forums, threads, posts) on the new platform. The Xenforo package is natively mobile-ready, which was MUCH needed over the old SMF...
  17. Venture

    Member Map Now Available

    A new member map has been installed and is available from the "Members" tab at the top of the page. A few notes: 1. The map is only available for logged in users. Guests cannot see it. 2. This map automatically tries to geolocate you based on your IP address, so you probably already...
  18. Venture

    Switch to HTTPS - You may need to update links and relogin...

    I just switched the forum over to all secured communications (https). Depending on bookmarks. Etc, you may need to log in again.
  19. Venture

    Anybody out there good with Regular Expressions / REGEX?

    I need some help converting links. I need to come up with a Regex expression to convert this style of link: To this style: For as good as my brain can be, it just doesn't seem to...
  20. Venture

    Post issues here in this forum!

    We recently upgraded software here on the forum. It was a big, big undertaking. There are bound to be issues and a learning curve, so if anybody spots anything suspicious, or has any questions, please create a thread in this forum and we'll do our best to address it.