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  1. Xclimation

    Rode my brother's 2014 1200gs

    A couple of days ago I rode my brother's 2014 1200gs. Pretty well farkled at that. My brother is a BMW/Harley guy. He recently sold his 2011 Harley Ultra Classic and kept this bike. He's owned several beemers of various types throughout the years. I rode his bike and wanted to give my...
  2. Xclimation

    fork oil level procedure question

    The manual says when filling the forks with oil...of course it is filled with the spring out......but...the manual also says the FORK SPRING GUIDE must be out to get the proper oil it appears one has to take out the damper rod assembly to take out the fork spring guide.......I know...
  3. Xclimation

    Bates Boots Anyone have experience with their motorcycle boots?
  4. Xclimation

    CSC RX4 Interesting.... Seems to use designs from other bikes...headlights (BMW) A KTM orange color. Not bad specs.
  5. Xclimation

    Looking for trip idea

    About to have time off of work looking to go somewhere on Monday. I will be camping for sure and preparing and making my own food. Just worried about finding a place to camp. Don't mind setting up somewhere off the beaten path just worried if I need to get water or other supplies something...
  6. Xclimation

    Dad's new bike

    My dad is pushing 80. Been riding since I can remember. He is a great Rider never had a wreck has had multiple bikes over the years and at his age can outdo me in the twisties no problem. He just traded in his 2012 FJR which is the longest bike he's kept for a 2019 Triumph Scrambler XC it is a...
  7. Xclimation

    Harley Pan American details
  8. Xclimation

    A good dealio
  9. Xclimation

    Domiosports anyone tried this? Wonder if anyone has tried this or know someone who has tried it?
  10. Xclimation

    New wiper for helmet faceshield I could use one of these! Waiting to see if the price comes down at some point. But will probably buy one before a long trip.
  11. Xclimation

    Found this company from Scotland Don't know how well known this company is in Europe? Came across a video review on YouTube and was impressed...then even more impressed when I saw the price!!! Just checked on the 40L bag and with shipping would come out to $56.66 USD.
  12. Xclimation

    More power

    Many of us would like our Super Tenere's to have more power. A handful of us are satisfied. Most who want the power, want it in the form of horsepower. Myself, I prefer a torque curve. That is why I chose the Tenere over other adventure bikes. I like to carry camping gear and have a passenger...
  13. Xclimation

    Nelson, B.C.

    Anyone been there? Stumbled across a Youtube video about it and it looks like an ideal place for a ride/visit.
  14. Xclimation

    "The active user has changed please reload"

    I keep getting that message flash on my screen. When I try to reply to a post, it won't let me reply unless I reload. Many times the messages flashes mid posting, then I have to retype the post? Happens when editing posts as well. It was just occasionally at first. Now it seems to happen all the...
  15. Xclimation

    Interesting air pump / battery bank / light Don't know if anyone watches McRider on Youtube? He had a link to this product and it looks interesting. I like the portability and how...
  16. Xclimation

    Rumbux question

    I'm in the process of rehabbing a Rumbux setup I got for a good dealio. It had been in a wreck and I'm almost there as far as heating and bending goes. My question: How far from the bottom of the bike is the skid plate. I'm talking the Aluminum plate that's underneath. Right now I'm showing...
  17. Xclimation

    Interesting article on helmets.

    I've been wanting the Scorpion EXO AT950. But am worried about protection. I think after reading this article, when I find the right price....gonna get one.
  18. Xclimation

    TPMS opinions This any good? Any concerns about TPMS affecting balance? Thank You!
  19. Xclimation

    New Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro

    B-e-a--utiful!!! Nice specs! Didn't notice a m.s.r.p. anywhere? Not really in to the testaretta engine belt maintenance....but something (this) nice just may be worth it! Have to wait and see a couple of years for any bugs to be worked out. But the nice thing that sticks out to me is 94...