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  1. eemsreno

    Super Smooth Super Tenere

    I was just curious if anyone else has tried this. My two Tenere's are so smooth that I just can't get enough of riding them. Nether bike has been flashed and I just do not see any reason to have it done, For me they just could not run better. I would say that I'm an easy rider and to me...
  2. eemsreno

    What's your first bike? With a picture please.

    My first bike was really a TSC mini bike. [dad bought it] But the first real bike I bought was a 1972 125 Rapito.
  3. eemsreno

    Highway 163 heading east. Pella, Iowa

    Last Sunday when I was heading to South Dakota a 2017 Blue was heading the other way.
  4. eemsreno

    Iowa lost a Motorcycle Icon

    Jerry Smith a Long time Iowa motorcycle dealer,. Jerry was 92 years old and rode his Can Am Spyder until recently. He rode across Africa in 1974 and wrote a great book telling the story.
  5. eemsreno

    Two Tenere's on 123 south of Jasper, Arkansas

    I seen two Tenere's the other day. They was with a GS in the middle, the rear Tenere was a Tan 2017. I wish it was mandatory that when two Tenere's meet , We must stop and say hi.
  6. eemsreno

    Fortieth Wedding Anniversary

    I made a short video for my wife, for our fortieth anniversary.
  7. eemsreno

    Utah 2020 Ride

    I'll just start a ride report because I have so many pictures of this trip. This is the original thread. I'll try to only put up about 4 pictures in a post so I can keep better...
  8. eemsreno

    Test rode a couple Adventure bikes today.

    We all traded and test rode each others bikes today. First I rode the Honda, It was nice but felt a little on the chintzy side ,Very Japanissish. The wind management and windshield setup was one of the worst I have ridden behind. [surely that could be fixed] I see why guys buy it but it felt...
  9. eemsreno

    Looking for Ancestors

    Today I took a ride to a nearby cemetery to find my Great, Great, Great grandfathers grave site. He is buried about 10 miles away. Then I went to a closer cemetery that has my Great, Great,Grandpa, My Great Grandpa , My Grandpa, and my Dad. About 5 miles away. I guess I never stayed far...
  10. eemsreno

    Big Bend or Bust

    It was -14*F just 24 hours before I hit the road, but it got up to 20* so off I was. I was getting the 2012 ready to go and Michelle said " why don't you just ride the new bike?" We have had the 17 for 2 1/2 years and I have never ridden it on any trip without Michelle on the back with me. So...
  11. eemsreno

    Anyone else tired of winter yet?

    It's snowing out again today. I'm going to forget how to ride by spring.
  12. eemsreno

    How to change fork seals video.

    I hope this can help someone. Excuse the home production.
  13. eemsreno

    45,000 miles in 45 days

    I had never heard of such a thing. It's a pretty good read.
  14. eemsreno

    2014 non es

    I ran into this guy and he ask if I could pass this on to anyone looking for a Super Tenere. He is getting to old to ride this big of a bike. This is not my bike but I can give you his phone # if you PM me. It's a 2014 non ES one owner. 40,000 miles New tires He will take $6,500 You will have...
  15. eemsreno

    How to level the seat video

  16. eemsreno

    Winter maintenance

    With snow putting an end to my riding for a while, I wanted to go through the 12 Blue and fix everything that might need looked at before a trip to Tuk. With 185,300 + miles on it ,It is still up to any big trip I would want to try. I pulled off the top cover and adjusted the valves, It has been...
  17. eemsreno

    Talking to Dave Despain

    Dave Despain was just in here talking to me. He was born in Fairfield here and stops in a couple times a year. He is traveling on that KLR of his. I have tried to get him to take my bike out for a ride but he just won't do it. I think if I could get him to ride it that he would have to have one...
  18. eemsreno

    Montana mining camps

    After planning this ride for a couple years Michelle and I finally got it done. We rode 9 days and 3825 miles. We set up our camp in Butte for 4 nights so we could ride a light [600lb] bike on the jeep trails mining camp exploring. Here is a list of the mining camps in the order we went to them...
  19. eemsreno

    Video for Moto GP fans, Maybe
  20. eemsreno


    What's on your plate tonight? Here in S.E. Iowa we have the most fertile soil in the world according to Guinness world book of records. So it's easy to grow good food. We eat like this most of the summer. With lots of corn on the cob too.