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  1. Ronzo

    Motorcycle Ergonomics

    Tool to visualize the ergonomics of a motorcycle model based on your height and inseam. Sample Website link
  2. Ronzo

    2021 Ducati Multistrada V4

    Not too many bikes out there that get me excited but the updates posted for this one has lit a bit of a fire in me. Couple articles below.
  3. Ronzo

    Yamaha OEM luggage keys

    May seem like a silly question but will any S10 key open S10 luggage or are they specific to each bike?
  4. Ronzo

    Yamaha Factory Top Case

    Looking for a Yamaha factory top case for 2018. No preference on colour but must be able to ship to Canada.
  5. Ronzo

    Whose season is winding down?

    Roll call...whose riding season is coming to an end? Mine will be very shortly. Hoping to get in a few more short jaunts around my local haunt. No problem with that as my thoughts this time of year turn towards deer and my tree stand. January on it’s ice fishing. For those who share a similar...
  6. Ronzo

    Site Spam?

    What is with all the spam coming through on this forum?:oops: Seems to be getting worse by the day. :rolleyes:
  7. Ronzo

    How did you choose your forum name?

    So what’s your forum name mean and why did you choose it? I will get the nuggets rolling.... Name is Ron and I am a drummer and big John Bonham (Bonzo) fan... ...hence....Ronzo.
  8. Ronzo

    To flash or not to flash....

    ....that is the question. Seems like everyone believes you need to get the ECU flashed. At least that seems to be my perception. To put an end to speculation, I am curious to see how many S10 riders on this forum have flashed their ECUs? Please answer poll question so everyone can get a real...
  9. Ronzo

    Death of HD

    Seeing a lot of HD dealers in Canada closing there doors for good. While I feel horrible for anyone who has lost their job, I think it is safe to say most plugged into the motorcycle culture seen this coming.
  10. Ronzo


    Anyone put a beak on ST? What kind? Pictures? Opinions?
  11. Ronzo

    Touratech front and rear racks

    Seeing if anyone has a set they wanna get rid of. Would need to fit a 2018 and be sent to Canada. PM me what you have.
  12. Ronzo


    I have been looking for new rear and passenger racks. Seems AltRider only offers rear rack now and after reading about all the AltRider rack failures I started looking at other ones including the SW Motech Adv rack. I lowered my stock rack position but it rubs my passenger grab rails (which I...
  13. Ronzo

    Go Pro vs Drone

    So I was thinking about purchasing a Go Pro and my research led me to drones. While I like the idea of having a camera on motorcycle some where to record parts of my adventures on and off the bike, the pics or vids are still from the same perspective....ground level. I have seen some adventure...
  14. Ronzo

    Modifying OEM Panniers??

    Wondering if anyone has made any useful modifications to the OEM panniers? They seem pretty thin but has anyone put any tie down points on lids? Rotopax suitable to put any where? I would imagine anything like that may require bracing on the inside. Plan is to get the SW Motech Adv panniers but...
  15. Ronzo

    Wanted: Madstad bracket for 2018

    I placed an order for Madstad bracket and there was no shipping option for USPS to Canada only Fedex. I was told Madstad was not shipping international postal due to COVID. I know I would get hit hard with taxes and brokerage that the bracket would end up costing double. Madstad will begin...
  16. Ronzo

    Waterproof gloves

    I have had gloves in the past that claim to be waterproof but are nothing more than a plastic sheet between the glove and liner. Although they are waterproof, ever try to get a wet hand in a glove with fleece liner over a plastic inner glove? I lost my #*%@ at the side of the road trying to get...
  17. Ronzo

    Old rider. New ride.

    Greetings all!!!! Been on 2 wheels for decades now. Last 2 bikes were an uncorked FZ1 and a KTM 690 Enduro. Sold both and bought a new Super Tenere.