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    seat and jesse cases-sold

    This Also, do you like piña coladas & gettin caught in the rain?
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    Valve check service, Valve adjustment, General maintenance

    Let me out in a good word for Jaxon (Tabasco) here. Jaxon is the only mechanic I will use on my Tenere, since I got it years ago. I had my 50k service done in March this year with Jaxon. I didnt check valves @ 25k, & I had 4 out of spec @ 50k. I’ve put about 12k miles on the bike since...
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    Super Tenere Rally Arkansas, 2020

    You can wait til spring if you wanna. I rode AR last week for 4 days, & it was sublime. I’m not waiting around on something that might protect me, if it’s ever made. I’m not shaking hands & getting close to other dudes no matter what kinda scamdemic is going on.
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    Super Tenere Rally Arkansas, 2020

    it burns when I pee, does that mean I have it?
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    SOLD in Cen-Tex: 2015 Red ES 14K & Farkulated

    Nice. Great color.
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    Super Tenere Rally Arkansas, 2020

    Yes, I had forgotten about that 1. I was there a coupla years ago. Nice place, but pretty small. I think it’s a state park instead on national park. But, we should probably go there also. Thanks for the reminder.
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    Super Tenere Rally Arkansas, 2020

    FYI, there is a local Air BNB about 1/4 mile away that’s still available. I don’t know what everyone’s riding plans are, but Friday, I’m riding a “Historiographical Tour” to visit 2 local Civil War sites. Going to Wilson’s Creek MO & Pea Ridge AR
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    SOLD 2014 fz1 for sale

    Used bikes are a tough sale right now. The market is flooded. Plus, as nice & badass as this bike is, it’s 6 years old now. I’d love to have it if I had the scratch.
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    AltRider Sucks

    That’s all fine & dandy. I like their new designs. I had a set of the older 25L saddle bags & the 40L bag & hated them. Glad to be free of them. But I do like the newest generation & I’m glad they are offering an offset set now also (again). I just wish they were made in America...
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    Mosko Moto releases new Luggage yesterday

    How much shitting on open hard ground do you do in a year? I live such a soft, sheltered life.
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    AltRider Sucks

    I don’t believe it. Just so happens they can make their stuff there at a much lower cost than making them in America. I know several older gentlemen who spent some time in Vietnam & they didn’t think much of the place.
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    AltRider Sucks

    well that sucks, I had thought about buying their soft bags, but will hold off now. They are expensive for what they are, I just assumed they were all made. I had a Altrider rear plate crack & break like a spider web recently. Starting to wonder if their stuff is all crap
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    North Texas Meet & Greet , Saturday, October 26, 2019

    NVM tied up tomorrow Hope y’all have a good time.
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    2016 S10 60th Anniversary; California

    It’s the color that turns the most heads. I get a lot of “had 1 just like her son” from older, boomer Yamaha riders.
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    2016 S10 60th Anniversary; California

    Nicely farkled Kenny Rogers Edition
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    Happy Trails top box. SOLD! SOLD!

    I’ll take the box for $150 PM inbound
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    New Luggage Rack

    I like to hit people over the head with them.