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    2020 Triumph 900 Rally Pro

    Did a test ride on a new Rally Pro, and here is a couple of thoughts on it, coming from being on a Tenere for 7 years and 76K miles. First is of course, it is 100+ lbs lighter. The clutch is very light and shifts really smooth. The clutch pull makes the Teneres clutch feel like a Harley, I had...
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    A safety reminder

    Some recent comments in another part of the forum prompted me to write this as something we do not always think about. Here is the text before I deleted it to move it here. Quote from Checkswreak: "First off, I'm glad that **** is OK after his deer hit. A number of members have hit deer and we...
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    Jesse top case mount

    Moderators, I know you will be moving this, but I wanted everyone that may have this system, but may not monitor the luggage section to see this. Several weeks ago I had some metal squeaking noise from the area of my Jesse 45l top box mount. I could not find the source at the time, including...
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    Sturgis! on a Tenere

    Sturgis 75th (bucket list thing). What a brute among all that chrome! I just got back from two weeks on the road, 3,200 miles. The bike performed just great. The only concern was one day it decided to gulp almost a 1/2 quart of oil? It was a 600 mile day with some high speed freeway and...
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    Rear tension bar bolt

    One bolt I had not checked. Bike only has 16K on it. Luckily I was only a block from my home. Pressed down on the rear brake and heard a bang and no rear brake. Front was still working and got me home. When the assembly went forward, it pinched the brake lines, jamming between the rear forks...
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    Bike for the wife

    Looking for suggestions on a different bike for my wife. She currently has a Harley Sportster (Iron) 1200 that she loves, but it is killing her neck. Every time I ride it (fun) potholes in the road kills my back. She does not really want to do anything dirt, but okay with the idea of good dirt...
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    New BMW S1000 GS

    Great for the Starbucks crowd. Mark
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    Another new one from So. Cal

    Well, after having my assortment of Harley's, Honda's, and a BMW, I have now added a Yamaha ::013::. I have been looking for the last six months and now an owner of a matte Grey '13 Super Tenere. I have been lurking for some time on this site and others to help make my decision, and have to...