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  1. Brick

    Last of my Tenere stuff...

    Ok I had a 2012 Tenere sold it in 2014 to get the 2014ES, it had 80,800 miles. Just traded my 2014ES with 94,258 miles. This is all I have left. You want any of it... make an offer. Hmmm. After being a member from 2012... it seems I can’t post pictures??? WTF??? Sent from my iPhone using...
  2. Brick

    Reinstalling ES shock... help

    I took forks and shock off my 2014ES after 70,000 miles it deserved new oil etc. Cogent Dynamics serviced them. [emoji106] Now I’m reinstalling them. I should have taken photos as I did assembled it. Could someone please take some photos so I can see the routing of the hoses and such. I have the...
  3. Brick

    Rear Brake pads and Rotor replacement

    Well at 67,321 miles my rear rotor looked bad... all groves and had a notch at the outer edge. The rear pads were gone so it was a perfect time to replace the rotor too. My 2012 sold at 80,800 miles still had the original rotor so this was strange to me. I have always used the stock Yamaha rear...
  4. Brick

    For Sale Klim Badlands pants size 38

    For Sale New I purchased these Klim Badlands pants in the wrong size. They are new with the tags still on them. They are Gray and Black. I’ve never worn them. $500 shipped. I will only ship conus. For Sale Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Brick

    FS Aerostich Roadcrafter Classic size 48R

    This Aerostich Roadcrafter Classic one piece riding suit was obtained when a friend developed macular degeneration and gave up riding. I bought his FJ-09 and this Roadcrafter was in the deal. It’s like new. I think he wore it 5 times. It has all the protection. Back protect, shoulder pads...
  6. Brick

    Source for a jump box

    I’ve decided that as small as the jump boxes are it would be nice and easy to carry one. So now I’m shopping for one. I would like it to come with different cables such as clips and the connectors used on a battery tender. Suggestions... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Brick

    Oh Hell... is this really happening? I sent a letter I hope you do! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Brick

    Free Canada National Park Pass for 2017

    In celebration of the 150th Birthday you can get a free 1 year pass...
  9. Brick

    Battery... new in Feb won't start in Oct!

    My 2014ES now with 38,000 some miles. In February the battery died... checked bad. Got a new good battery. I rode the bike frequently as I'm retired and always kept it on a battery tender when at home. August 3rd I had a heart attack an didn't start the Tenere until I was cleared to ride October...
  10. Brick

    6D Helmet technology

    I'm in the market for a new street helmet. I've been seeing and reading about this 6D helmet technology. It's not an inexpensive helmet and where can I see, touch and try one on? Got any input? Let's Ride! Brick
  11. Brick

    Ticket for the 2016 Three Flags Classic

    Sold! Go to Click on Three Flags. This was to be my third Three Flags. However it seems I've had a heart attack and am scheduled for a triple bypass surgery in the morning Tuesday 8/9/16. This ticket costs me $275.00. I'm willing to take a loss because if I don't sell it I have...
  12. Brick

    Money back on something recently purchased because of a price decrease!

    This never happens... but it just did!! ::008:: So I've been purchasing tires from it's pretty much the same company as To today I get this email that they have added $35.98 to my Jake Wilson Cash account. This account is one...
  13. Brick

    Suggestions Riding east to west Boston area to Detroit

    I'm riding back from MSTA's STAR 2016 held at Stratton Vermont to Quebec to Nova Scotia and Cabot Trail. As it turns out I need to be in Grosse Point Woods on late Tuesday for family. Starting Saturday AM will head west from the Boston area. I lost all my maps... I think in Vermont?? I have my...
  14. Brick

    Kind of stranded in Quebec City

    No my Super Tenere did not let me down. My friend's 2013 BMW GS's battery has died. We attempted to leave late yesterday afternoon and just nothing. Called close Canadian Tire store at 4:55pm and was told that they had the right battery and would charge it over night for they opened at 8:00 this...
  15. Brick

    Ride with Norman Reedus

    Ok I didn't know who he is... but well I still don't care but it is on both bikes and about riding. Dish channel 131 AMC Sunday 10 - 11:00PM. Check it out. Let's hear what you think. Let's Ride! Brick
  16. Brick

    Almost real time lightening strikes Let's Ride! Brick
  17. Brick

    Heated gloves with armor

    That's what I'm looking for. I've had heated gloves from Gerbing that were just big and heated with no armor for crash protection. My latest a pair of Powerlet heated gloves lasted a long time and had a carbon knuckle for some protection. I just see the he well protected riding gloves have...
  18. Brick


    Hmmm... well it looks like a cool idea even if it looks goofy! If it works... and it's a fund raiser and they are only at 8% now. AND it's $83.53us. Hmmmm...
  19. Brick

    For Sale MC camping gear North Carolina

    For Sale Motorcycle Camping gear w/bags $250.00 plus shipping USA only. Weight of all gear in the bags is 15lbs. Bags: 2 of the Helen Two Wheels Roll Top bags. The Medium holds the Tent, Stakes, poles, Tarp and I have a towel in there too. The Large Helen Roll top bag holds the air mattress...
  20. Brick

    Selecting the right helmet

    Today I was listening to The Pace Motorcycle Podcast episode 217. They told of a website that looks to be a pretty good resource to aid in proper helmet selection. The deal is you pay $20 to get the kit that you use to measure your head in many...