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  1. Xclimation

    GIVI Top Case -- Trekker Dolomiti 46L -- Silver

    if you don't mind me asking where are you located?
  2. Xclimation

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    I have a bicycle bell mounted on my windshield crossbar. I put it there as kind of a joke!
  3. Xclimation

    Sargent Seat (rider only)

    Where are you located? (In case I am close and could save on shipping)
  4. Xclimation

    I fought the road, and the road won

    Sorry about your wreck/bike drop. As far as the headlight....just keep an eye on ebay and look up motorcycle salvage dealers and of course...this website. Going to give my opinion on the off roading and this bike....Our bikes are not going to be able to do some things off road...but....It'll do...
  5. Xclimation

    Crashed last Friday. Maybe a totaled bike

    Glad you're okay sorry about the wreck! happy bike hunting!
  6. Xclimation

    Hammock camping

    I have a hammock that I've yet to use it would love to use it because it would be easier to carry than a tent... But I camp often in the desert nothing to hang it on. Also worried about finding camping spots having to look for trees that are the right distance from each other. But I do plan on...
  7. Xclimation

    license Plate Light issue

    Check the socket where the bulb goes in they become kind of bent or worn if you will it happens with my front marker light by the headlights and I just get a small pair of needle-nose and press them together better that seems to do the trick
  8. Xclimation

    Health issues related to long term riding

    Having met Sierra a couple or 3 times in person.....I'll testify just by the eyeball test ....he is underselling himself by saying 350 for 4 x 10! One solid muscular dude! Has those hands that look like he could crush rock into dust!
  9. Xclimation

    KTM 790 Adventure R - not gonna happen

    Thank You for the review! Always like to hear reviews from those who have the current bike I have. Wondering if I'm missing out on something...
  10. Xclimation

    Oil Smells Like Fuel

    Depending on the oil your using....I use The Shell Rotella T6...It has a smell that can sort of smell like it has gas in it. In my case, it doesn't just has a smell like it. Some other synthetic oils have that smell as well.
  11. Xclimation

    Bates Boots

    No...I didn't know they even make corafram boots!? When I was not in the field, and not in BDU's I'd wear the regular corafram shoes.
  12. Xclimation

    Bates Boots

    Yep, in the 80s when In USMC I wore Bates coraframs or some called them "patent leather?" for everyday not in the field shoes....Always wore real leather with a nice shine for inspections to impress whoever was doing the inspection!
  13. Xclimation

    Bates Boots Anyone have experience with their motorcycle boots?
  14. Xclimation

    So I got rear ended on my way to work stopped at a light. Video.

    Kyle! Man! So sorry! watched that video in horror! SOOOO glad you are alive and talking!!! Have you bike checked out, completely! I will be more vigilant at stop lights from now on myself!!!
  15. Xclimation

    Put the ole girl on the scale today

    More Bounce to The Ounce...!
  16. Xclimation

    CSC RX4 Interesting.... Seems to use designs from other bikes...headlights (BMW) A KTM orange color. Not bad specs.
  17. Xclimation

    "Keyless" ignition

    Had a 95 F150 that did the same thing. It was known for that truck. Had to replace key lock cylinder...then have separate keys for door and ignition...
  18. Xclimation

    Looking for trip idea looks like a trip is going to be a (no go.) I've checked campgrounds and nothing is open. I need this trip to be away from things, relaxing and just not having to (think) and/or problem solve. But with what is going on....too much to think. Some trips are supposed to be an...
  19. Xclimation

    Looking for trip idea

    Honestly. It's just going to be me, my motorcycle and camping gear. I'm not going to be near anyone except for when I get things at a store. I'm wanting not only a motorcycle trip, but to get away from people who are not practicing safety. I am familiar with infectious disease. I was a Hosptal...
  20. Xclimation

    Looking for trip idea

    These are on the list and in my thoughts....but I was hoping to go out of state. I've been to these places....sooo many times!