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  1. spinalator

    OEM Luggage - Snowmobile hood strap mod

    I have not used the cases this year, until now, and had someone wanting to see the hillbilly modification to keep my damn OEM lids more secure and the weight off the lock. There are lots out there, I ordered 3 sets and I think these are the most workable. There are many sizes and shapes, boats...
  2. spinalator

    NEW: Ixon Colorado ADV Touring Jacket

    Lower price! I bought this at the end of the season and decided to gain weight, so it is a little tight. Never been worn, tags still on. This German jacket has light armor, adjustable waist straps, adjustable arm thickness, a removable quilted liner, a waterproof pockets. I usually wear...
  3. spinalator

    Suggestions for Hand Protector upgrades

    Hi all, I tried searching and could not find what I was looking for. Has anyone found some Barkbusters (or similar) that work well with the S10's bars and levers, and is easy to modify for hot or cold weather? (i.e. like removable fronts) Stock ones are fine most of the time, but a little warm...
  4. spinalator

    Shorty Cover for heat

    Hi does anyone have any small covers to keep the sun off the seat? I have seen other bikes with them, and they would pack up small, and keep all the black stuff cooler on the hot days.
  5. spinalator

    SOLD: Teknic Defender Boots

    Sold!!! Used for 1 season, Teknic Defender boots. yes, they look like old man, sport touring boots, coz that was who I was/am! Steel shank/nylon toe. These are not GoreTex but kept me dry for a season. I rode them in damp misty weather, but not a downpour, so I can not comment further than...
  6. spinalator

    Ermax clear windshield extension $40

    Hi I have farted around with 3 windshields and 2 extensions and I think I have something I like, so I will pawn off lightly used items as I find them in the garage that my wife "cleaned and organized" for me. This clear universal "clip and flip" mounts with a single clamp, tightened with hex...
  7. spinalator

    SOLD Delkovic Exhaust (SOLD)

  8. spinalator

    SOLD: Delkovic Exhaust $110.00 shipped

    New ad up.
  9. spinalator

    WTB:side cover body work parts

    I sourced some Eastern Euro Carbon Fiber side panels, but they are missing the grills for the rad. side, plus the other little bits that attach onto the inside and bottom of the body panels. Anyone have some mashed body work they want to part out? I was going to glue them permanently on the...
  10. spinalator

    SOLD: NEW IN BOX - Black Pyramid Hugger/Rear Inner Fender

    SOLD thanks
  11. spinalator

    SOLD: Yamaha Black Top Trunk with Rack and Key

    SOLD Since I overpack, I bought a bigger trunk, for my junk. This trunk is 5 weeks old, has not been dropped or molested. I cut a key for the lock so you can keep the lock, or order the Yamaha set if you want to re-key them to your bike. Another OEM trunk that was not in as good of shape...
  12. spinalator

    FOUND: Givi mushroom spacer/collar thingy

    Well I took the bag off and see a nice vertical crack in a shroom, so I must have tightened it too much, or aliens wrecked it. It may last for 5 years, it may fall off in the middle of a trip, so I better replace it. If anyone has any spare Givi parts kicking around in their parts bin, please...
  13. spinalator

    Altrider rack Torque values?

    The instructions for the new rack have great descriptions but no torque values. 18 - 20 ft lbs for the M8 bolts?
  14. spinalator

    Source for non-Yamaha body fasteners?

    Hi there, I searched and did not have any luck. I like to buy extra fasteners and was wondering if anyone cross referenced the fasteners, screws and bolts for the body panels with any autobody or fastener supplier? Yamaha is not bad, but I know from replacing Honda tupperware fasteners that many...
  15. spinalator

    What is the fuse for the Corbin heated seat? 7.5A?

    Hey guys, for those that know; I have the Tupperware off the bike and am programming my PDM60. I want to finish this now, so I can slap the new saddle on and ride it the same day it comes in, and not have to do this again. FWIW, I phoned and was on hold for 5 min, and a friendly bit not...
  16. spinalator

    Question: Givi SR371 or Givi SRA2101 for OEM Panniers?

    I see mixed reviews for this, if I was to mount the 42L Trekker Outback, and keep the Yamaha bags, what mounting system do you recommend. The SR seems to be mounted to Yamaha rack, but is plastic, the other is aluminum and Givi has lowered its weight capacity. TIA
  17. spinalator

    SOLD: Quadcore Waterproof Android 5.5" with GPS and Freebies

    THESE ARE SOLD, THANKS FOR LOOKING. I tried! I read the "Use your phone as a GPS thread" and I failed. One rugged phone (tested in swimming pool and passed), and cheap tablet BOGO deal! Includes 2 X 32 GB SIM cards (installed in devices) if you want to buy them and part them out...
  18. spinalator

    Verification questions

    I had to answer "what year was it last year" and the correct answer was 2014, so perhaps we should scrub that one, or revise it? I assume that after noob status is over, they disappear? Thx
  19. spinalator

    Great Site!

    Hi there, I am shopping for bikes and the S10 is on the short list. I am doing a lot of reading, and learning a lot about these bikes. Thanks for keeping the lights on and having such a great resource!