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    New owner/member from Mississippi

    Welcome to the group! I a.m. In Gulfport on the coast and have been exploring the coastal counties.
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    Any tall riders?

    I am 6ft 5 at around 240 or so and have very long legs with a 39" inseam. Stock seat and shield work great for me. The air flow is very smooth to me vice my old 2008 Roadliner. The bike offers better leg protection as well.
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    Brand New 2017 Super Ten!

    The Roadliner will pull your ears off if not firmly attached!! Miss the power but its 4 gallon tank was a bit of a pain and no cruise control as well. Though I did put a throttlemeister on it. The super ten has more than enough power for me. Once the break in is done that is!
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    Brand New 2017 Super Ten!

    My mom used to live up that way years ago. Still got a high school chum in Kent. Grew up in Yakima!
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    Hello From Alabama

    I went the same route and picked up a 2017 Super Ten as you say for major savings. I am not too far over here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Welcome to the group!!
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    Brand New 2017 Super Ten!

    Just picked it up this last Saturday! Only change so far is a Givi 46 Liter box on the back. Rides great but takes getting used to compared to my 2006 Roadliner. Love the cornering clearance and is so responsive that I need to learn to relax when riding or I rabbit around the lane.