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    Anyone got this kind of corrosion in their wheels?

    ANY soap (well maybe not bar soap) will trash aluminum wheels. DO NOT use dish soap, dishwasher soap, laundry soap, or Windex, as a rubber lube! Argue this point at your own risk.
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    Just hit 70,000 miles, and soliciting maintenance opinions

    Just make the holes bigger. Problem solved.
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    More brake dust residue on rear wheel than front?

    An old trick is to cut grooves into the pad material if you want less braking force. (less swept area) You may ultimately get faster pad wear, but not as much dust because there is less material now.
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    Front hub woes

    Put a 6mm Helicoil in there. Easy Peasy.
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    Clutch switch

    Actually, changing gear without using the clutch will still show a dash momentarily from one gear to the next, so I guess neither of those micro switches have any effect on that, but if I remember correctly, for some reason, there is a slight engine mapping change when the clutch is pulled in.
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    HOW TO: Quick and Easy ABS Disable Switch

    I wish one of you big bad off roaders would take me somewhere where I would need to disable my ABS. LOL
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    Looking for best place to buy front brake light switch

    Guys, if it is not for a '14 or newer Tenere, the switches are NOT the same.
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    New situation - nothing happening

    Zero. More than likely you bumped something when installing the new battery that shorted and popped the fuse.
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    I have a bad handle bar buzz.

    Just a minor correction on what EricV said about over tightening the handlebar clamps. They cannot be overtightened per se, as they have spacers inside the rubber vibration isolators that the nut and washer bottom out against. I don't have the torque value available, but they are supposed to be...
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    No start after sitting over a year

    @Smokin RZ, I'm a little late to this party so it may be water under the bridge at this point, but your situation does sound like the classic "hard start". If you want to attempt to push start your bike again, as you let out the clutch in second gear, push the starter button at the same time to...
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    Shifting problem

    I "think" he is talking about the hydraulic fluid for the clutch, even though I can guarantee that is NOT the problem.
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    Cruise control intermittent on 2016 Tenere?

    The most common culprit so far has been a faulty front brake switch. They are quite expensive, so if your bike is under warranty, take it to the dealer.
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    Now, this is a new fresh breath !

    I guess BMW doesn't want the same hags on the back of their cruisers that you see on the back of Harley's, so no passenger provisions.:oops:
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    All things considered, should I be riding?

    I think part of this problem is if your state has a "stay at home " order, it does not mean it's a " use your judgement" order. It means unless it an absolute necessity to leave your house, stay the fuck at home. How hard is that for a couple of weeks? When it comes to using our own judgement...
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    Cat removal on my '17 ST " how to"

    On another note, but related to this conversation, is the fact that from 2014 on, the ground clearance is less because the cat is slightly different than the Gen 1's. I found this out because, years ago, I made my own skid plate for my '12 and when I got my '14, it would not fit. A real...
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    Blew out my rear ES shock. What now?

    That would be a Po-Go, not a Yo-Yo, and it would be that the oil, not the nitrogen, leaked out. Just sayin' :-)
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    Help me identify what was on my drain plug

    My wild ass guess would be the head of the cam chain tensioner has broken, (if that's possible).
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    Front Wheel Bearing Failure

    Two things that can be done to prolong bearing life are to repack the bearing, and fill the space between the outer dust seal and the bearing, and then the groove in the outer dust seal with grease. Before someone says you're not supposed to add grease to a bearing because it can overheat, that...
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    BMW GS Update

    Don't quit your day job...
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    removing both tires on my super tenere at once

    Years ago, I bought an $85.00 hoist from Harbor Freight and attached it to my garage ceiling. I can't tell you how easy it makes MANY bike projects that involve raising the front and/or rear of the bike.