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  1. Newhoco

    Anyone parting out an XT1200Z , 2012 or newer ?

    I just found out that my new-to-me 2017 Super Tenere needs the rear caliper carrier . ( Insert curses here ) . It's the part the rear axle passes through , and the torque rod attaches to . As I was re-installing the wheels with new Mitas E07 tires , a screeching noise was coming from the rear...
  2. Newhoco

    Good bye VStrom , hello Super Tenere !

    I'm the guy that will be asking all the questions ( that have already been answered a million times in this forum ! ) . Yes , I did post up on Stromtrooper : " How do you set the clock ? " Those burns have mostly healed , thanks . Please forgive my ignorance and computer illiteracy , I will...